Where do you see us going?

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  • LucidSky

    Suppose some higher intelligence did not make us what we are. Then we are really on our own. Really. Humanity is truly in control of it's entire destiny... however good, or bad, that may (yet) turn out to be. That pleasantly frightening thought crosses your mind on occasion when your faith structure is challenged.

    Here are some things I'm guessing might be in store for the future (FYI: I'm an optimist):

    Cheap, efficient sources of energy. This will lead to greater and greater amounts of free time for people. Ahhh, I love working 2 days a weekend. It will give us so much more free time to devote to higher fulfillment... Well, we know some here would like to devote themselves to lower fulfillment.

    How about advances in medicine? After cracking The Big Code we went on to bioengineer everything, including children and furniture. I'm thinking they'll have those telemerates working correctly by then. Think of it: eternal life. Well, not quite.

    The WBTS? Of course it disbanded back in October 2008 due to legal pressure against it and eventual non-support by members. Sure, a few nuts still clung on, but the Dubs never really seemed to gain much more than a few thousand followers after that. *

    So where do you see humanity taking us?

    * Disclaimer: Do not be like some apostate brothers who may have unwisely read into my words. Such ones began to set their hopes on dates or events. Their foolhardy hopes quickly vanished as the time came and went and nothing came to pass. Keep in mind that I would never claim to be a prophet, nor was any mention of such a date ever directly made in my posts. And if it was, then it must be your fault for reading it.

  • butalbee

    Hi, cutie! Where's my pic? Oh, please....please.

  • VioletAnai


    It was a joke! And you fell for it like the fascists you are! - Rick - The Young Ones

  • LucidSky

    Butal - How about answering my post? Maybe if I like it, I'll send you a picture of my whole leg.

    Ever the romantic idealist, eh, Violet?

  • Hyghlandyr

    Interesting post. I especially love the hopes of the demise of the watchtower society. I personally hope they grow ever stronger. I am stuck on two opinions.

    Should I form my own cult, die with perhaps a few thousand members, or a few hundred thousand. Of course if I followed certain techniques, like the Scientologists, I could have a few million members, maybe tens of millions. Especially if Robert The Great joins me.

    On the other hand I could go back to the witnesses. Tow the party line. Make it to elder, then CO, and DO. Or just go straight away to Bethel. Eventually to the governing body. And I have a ready made group of followers right there.

    The problem with the second option is, sex. Not for me specifically, but I want a sex cult, naked women running around in chains, crawling to me..ohhhh yeah. Ok that takes care of that decision.

    Still where are we headed? Cheap energy? Maybe. Energy really as it is now, is cheap compared to say the number of man hours required to chop a bunch of wood, haul it around in a cart, which also has to be pulled by an ox or horse, which has to have man hours to grow the hay to feed it etc etc. Still sources of energy are controlled, as with petrol. Limited sources prevent it from being used in a fashion the powers that be (gotta love that term) do not want, especially say in a war.

    Will things be hunky dory? I doubt it, after all man is devolving. Consider, ancient man thought slavery was righteous and good. Now we think it is a sin. Devolution. We have this concept that everyone is equal, when clearly most of you sludge monkeys are beneath me. Again, devolution. Broads actually haven their own jobs. Oh wait that is evolution, cause now I can sit home watchin tv and instead of workin.

    Forget all the other stuff, war, famine etc. The key for us is longevity research. After all in another 30 years or so, more or less, you all are going to be deprived of my grand presence. So get crackin yo.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Slave camp, let's say you have everything paid off, house, etc. Now, sit around and see what happens when you don't pay ALL your taxes. What's the end result? A slave to a system.

    Guest 77

  • joelbear

    Hi Lucid,

    If there is no God, then humanity has to very quickly make one decision.

    That is, to go back to nature and put real value on natural resources.

    As long as trade and net worth are based on fiat money, natural resources will continue to be used up and not replaced.

    When the natural resources are gone, the earth will die.

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.



  • LucidSky
    That is, to go back to nature and put real value on natural resources.

    You're right, joelbear. I think that was finally being realized in the last century with the movement toward environmental protection and such. We have a long ways to go still.

    Hyghlandyr, my advice to you is to start your own cult. There are plenty of cult startup resources out there. Check out http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Styx/2347/cult.html for some tips. I will help out as long as I get to be Vice President.

  • Hyghlandyr


    As far as the natural resources thing goes, we have actually made a LOT more progress than people think. Usually now it is third world nations that are falling behind. I remember in cleveland years back the Cuyahoga River caught on fire because of the pollutants in it. They cleaned that up and now it's a nice place. Ok that is one tiny anecdote, but things are improving more than the environmentalists would have us believe. Even green peace's own numbers show this. I would have to get the research and post it, which would be another thread, but personally, despite my last post, I think humans are improving rather than declining.


    Actually I agree with you, there are numerous resources out there. Including all of the anti-cult literature. I figure Jesus and Moses and Horus did not even exist and the created vast cults. Muhammed, Joseph Smith and Charles Russel were not terribly well educated and they started fairly successful subcults. So it should not be that difficult for me.

    I have concluded simply, read anti-cult literature. Leave out the religious crap complaints. For instance, the belief in a trinity, or lack thereof is not a sign of a cult. (Well ok cult really just means religion and is a non-offensive term, from it we get words like Culture and Cultivate, but in this sense I am using it as a mind control group) So I have already started using some of their techniques, like using loaded language, and terms that only the cult members would understand. I am personally fond of just making up sounds and using them, then sometime later defining them.

    And of course you need a superior and inferior. Well even without a cult it is a well established fact that the Adamites are inferior to all of the Old Races of Men, like the Milesians and the Tuatha de Danaan.

    Too, I figure we will create our own resources, so that we may have cults within cults. We are calling the main cult the Omnitheon. Rather than a pantheon which is a specific group of deities. The omnitheon is all deities that have ever existed. Next we have C.U.L.T., Collective Union of Liberated Thought. Then my personal sub-cult, The Church of The UN, no that is not U.N. as in United Nations, but UN as in UN-Believer, UN-Faithful, UN-willing etc. Pure and simple, Nothingism.

    So we will create cult francises. For a fee we will help you set up your own cult. And like other francises there will be additional things you can purchase from us. One thing will be a liturgy. If you are too lazy to create your own, you simply fill out a form, checking which doctrines you wish to believe. You also check which religious books you wish to use, if any, or which books you wish to make religious, spiderman comics, shakespeare, or little orphan annie? It is entirely up to you. Then we will, for a fee of course, give you the proof texts for each and every belief that you have chosen.

  • Hyghlandyr

    As far as vice-president, do a search on discordians. If that is the title you want it is certainly acceptible. But like them we will be creating our own titles. They can be as simple or as pompous as you want.

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