Feng Shui

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  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    Have any of you ever looked into Feng Shui? If so, what is your feeling on it?

  • TexSham

    Is this a test?

  • LizardSnot

    I have mixed feelings about it

  • new boy
    new boy

    It works, don't ever buy a home where you see the stair case as soon as you walk in front door, or your luck will run out!

  • rhett

    Show me some proof and I'll believe in it just like I'll believe in the bible.

  • Amazing

    Sometimes in my industry Buyers, either orientals, but more so Americans who have adopted Feng Shui, can be difficult in locating property for them. I just shrug my shoulders, and help them find a property they like that meets their tribal primitive superstition.

    Feng Shui even comes up in commercial properties, where I now concentrate my activity. We have a very large shopping center near my office where all the Korean and Japanese stores are located on one side because of Feng Shui. The rest don't care.

    What is really funny is watching some boil milk in their new property to make it holy to their gods ... and what gets even funnier is when a Realtor who believes in Feng Shui disagrees with a Buyer's interpretations of Feng Shui ... makes for hilarious discussion.

    Following Bible principles, we will avoid trying to live - or demand others to live - by an extensive and rigid set of dos and don'ts that go beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Watchtower, 4-15-02, pg 22, pp 15

  • plmkrzy

    This subject seems to always come up in my various R.E. classes.

    One time several several years back, 6 0r7, I was hired to find a property for a gentleman who was married to Miss Japan (or former Miss) He needed a home in the U.S. close to his office in the U.S.
    A large portion of homes in and near the vicinity where I live are cooperate owned. I think Japan probably owns most of my neighborhood.

    To cut to the chase, I, and a partner at the time lived a nightmare learning all about the importance of facing south and not having the stairs leading to the front door and colors etc. He ended up GIVING that up on his wife being able to find anything acceptable and said, "Forget it!" "You get no house!" So apparently she was more consumed with it then he was.
    It would take an entire thread to write down everything she put us through. That one client cost me a lot of $$ in time and expense not to mention Alka-Seltzer.
    The lesson I learned was NEVER AGAIN! I'll just tell you the straw that broke everyone’s back. After almost two months we found the "PERFECT" house with every detail in it's perfect place. The house was even on the market for less then he was willing to pay. About $300,000.00 less. His top price was $2,000,000.00 and this property was $1,700,000.00. If he paid asking price.
    This one was IT! We just new it. It was almost identical as the previous home which was also perfect except it had a pool that was completely fenced in its' own yard but they had a toddler and she was afraid that with only her and a full time nanny to watch him he would climb the fence and drown so we moved on to the next one. The colors on the walls were what she wanted all done in pastels through out. The house was two story, but only 4 full bedrooms and baths as requested. NOT 5! NO pool, the front door was facing south, the stairway also faced south from the living room. The out side of the house was COMPLETELY white BRITE white with no other colors ANYWHWERE!
    To find a house that had every specification requested and 300,000 less then what he was willing to pay after working as hard as we did for almost three months we were pretty happy to find this home. You know what direction the front door is facing is not something you will find in the multiple listing service. Not to mention all the other stuff.
    He was happy and ready to buy and be done with it. She flew out to see the home, walked in and all she said was "This carpet!" It is powder blue!" NO NO NO NO. "I WANT BABY BREATH PINK!"
    We suggested that since he is more then happy with the price of the home and it does satisfy every detail in "her majesties"(I added that) request, it would only be a simple matter of including that in the offer. The owner may be more then happy to put new powder puff pink or what ever carpet in the home for you. She needed to think about it. He said NO! I don't need another house.

    And that’s that. NEVER AGAIN! EVER EVER EVER!

    No matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas



    Oriental supertition is no nore valid than Middle Eastern superstition.

    Follow me.

  • target

    My son had gotten interested in it so just to satisfy him I rearranged my bedroom according to feng shui and I couldn't believe the difference in how I feel in there now. I see a difference in my husband now too. Before I had two very large mirrors reflecting at the bed. So I figured what the hell, it don't hurt so I made a few other changes and it got to be kind of fun. I don't take it real seriously but they were right about acupunture so maybe they are about this too. They are both about energy flow.


  • seven006


    When we spoke earlier I did not make the connection you brought up. I was talking to you about the description that Neil Donald Walsh uses to explain in his book what he feels was revealed to him about who god is by his use of energy do describe it. When you mentioned Feng Shui my brain did not connect my thoughts and your question. We were thousands of years and miles apart.

    The only reference to Feng Shui I have ever had is a very brief one in it's connection to Taoism. There are so many off shoots of oriental philosophy all based on the core theory of "balance" described as Heaven and Earth, fire and water, man and woman, or as it is known more in our culture as the oriental words, Yin and Yang, it is hard to remember or keep up with all the offshoots.

    Many look at existentialism as born out of the European philosophers of the 19th century specifically guys like Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and Jaspers. The real introduction of existentialism was touched at by the founder's of Taoism/Daoistism but in a more skeptical manner than their much later European counterparts. Feng Shui is nothing more than an off shoot of Taoism just as the JW religion is an offshoot of Christianity.

    What it all breaks down to is something that each and every one of these philosophers preached but then rarely practiced. This is the concept of total balance. Yen and Yang is one of the oldest philosophical thoughts recorded on this planet and as it stands alone is key to most of life we experience. Even the early Greek philosophers used this core thought of balance to begin their theory of life on earth and how we can figure it all out. Things like Ti Chi, Yoga, Kung Fu and so on are all rooted in this philosophy. Hinduism, Buddhism, and may of the other "ism's" that are on the so called religious side of this philosophy follow suit.

    In it's basic form nothing can be argued about the need for balance in all things. But, as in most cases the core philosophy of balance is lost as those philosophers and religious fathers began to add their own prejudices and manipulative slants.

    You can read everything you want when it comes to what is considered philosophy or religion (which is just another form of philosophy) and find the core thought buried deep within it's teachings. When you read something and say to yourself "that makes sense" it is just another way of saying "I see the 'balance." Adam sins, Jesus saves, balance. Good, evil, balance. Creation, destruction, balance. Sin, redemption, balance. Life, death, balance, yen and Yang, balance. Hot, cold,...pain, pleasure,...fear, happiness, and so on and so on. Are you getting the picture here? This core philosophy of Yen and Yang or total balance has been used through out history to try and convince people of more abstract thoughts by introducing it first and then distorting it.

    Once this core thought is used and accepted it is twisted to gain a persons loyalty to all of the off shoots that redirect ones thoughts. A person continues to believe the new variations of the initial thought because they still relate the new thoughts to the core thought of balance that was first introduced as the basis of the individual theories. Seldom do the variations stay parallel with the original simple and basic thought of balance. It is that core thought that is truth and makes sense in a logical and reasonable manner. Religion and philosophy use that core thought to gain followers.

    Here is an example of keeping the core balance in mind that god is love and then introducing a variation: God says love your enemy, then god says he will destroy his enemies at Armageddon. Is that balance? No, it is not. But, you have already accepted all the earlier core thoughts of balance so you do not use logic and reasoning to catch this contradiction and variation. See how the balance is used but distorted? Once you relate god to the core thought of balance that core thought is centered in your mind and it automatically actes as a blinder to all the contradictions born from the variations.
    Eastern philosophy and religion do the same exact thing as western religion and western philosophy.

    Trying to gap the span between the physical and metaphysical has always been the purpose but rarely the reason for both philosophical and religious theory. The core is there but it is lost in the interpretation that is manipulated with variations. I personally see this in the prime example of who I consider the bonehead of all philosophers Soren Kierkegaard. He was a master of preaching do as I say and not as I do. He tried so hard to explain that religion could not be based on reasoning and logic but only faith. He himself rarely went to church and blew off getting married to a woman he loved deeply because he thought his loyalty to god was more important. He told everyone how great Christianity was but did nothing to practice what he preached. The truth is his father was an over bearing and controlling man who used god and religion to control his son as well as the rest of his family. Soren was in no way trying to please god but instead he was trying to please his own father who tormented him most of his life and told him to always love god.

    Once you throw out logic and reasoning you can live your life believing the moon is made out of green cheese and be happy as a baby monkey.

    So, in your search for answers keep one thing in mind. The core issue that will help you in your entire life is "balance". How that balance is explained is the basis for all philosophical and religious theory. Loosing your balance and clinging on to one or more offshoots of that core philosophy will give you the opposite of what it is trying to convince you that it has, and that again is "balance."

    The core theory used in mans interpretation of the principals of physics as well as metaphysics usually remain the same though out history, it is the variations that man introduces to this core that keeps everything stirred up. The names change form things like Confucianism, Taoism, Zen, Christianity, to things like existentialism, Chaos theory and Quantum physics. Religion as well as philosophy has tried to explain all of this by the creation of all the "ism's" and "oligies".

    Just glean the good out of each thought and keep an open mind. Try not to fall into the trap of totally adopting any of these as your one and only thought that explains life and tries to help you find your balance. They all have some good in them, but they all fail as a one and only absolute truth.

    This just gives you one more perspective to consider.

    Take care,


    PS: I warned you that I would mess with your head!

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