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  • Kismet

    The Appeal Court backed the decision of the lower court judge.

    I am not rejoicing that the girl is necessarily getting the blood, tho I certainly like her chances for survival far better this way than with the 'alternative' treatment. I have long been of the opinion that people have the right to chose medical treatment as long as it is an informed decision

    The court in their ruling support the fact that this girl did not make an inofrmed choice and was under intense pressure from the church, not her own belief. The court agreed that this girl had not been given a fair chance to consider the alternatives available nor did she have the life experience to make his kind of decision.

    It set in place a phenomenal precedent that can be used in Child Custody as well as future blood cases. It shows that 1) the best interests of the child standard is applicable in medical situations, even involving teens, and 2) the WtchTower is in the view of the Court a high controlling religion that shelters their adherants from positive life experiences.

    I am trying to get a full copy of the judge's reason's for judgment. If I can find them, I will post them here.

    Although this is a relief I am sure for the father..his daughter is getting the treatment she needs, he still has to deal with the costs involved and more stressing, the emotional trauma of being shunned by his family.

    Time for those positive thoughts, vibes, prayers..or even better quick notes of support.

    Lets hope this can save some teenagers' lives!!!

    Kismet - who enjoys seeing the Society's mature minor argument being set on its ear!!

    Here is a link to one article just released:


  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Thank you for the update, Kismet. Thank goodness, the judge realized the pressure this girl is under.

    What is the next step? Can the WT appeal again to another court? I don't think that the Supreme Court would hear it, plus it would take years for it to get that far. The WT are just draining that poor Dad, emotionally and financially.

  • dungbeetle

    while I'm doing a bttt:

    to help this family:

    Cheques can be made out to " SAVE MY DAUGHTER "

    Mail can be made out to " SHUNNED FATHER "
    P.O. Box 20161, Calgary Place R.P.O.,
    Calgary Alberta T2P 4J2

    The attorney for the father is:

    Mr. Robert Calvert
    McCarthy & Tetrault
    3300, 421-7 Ave SW
    Calgary, Alberta T2P 4K9

    Tel: 403 260-3500
    Fax: 403 260-3501

    And thanks Kizzy!!! I've been online the whole day waiting for this.

    oh and a thought: what form of contribution is recommended? money orders I suppose?

  • Seven

    Oh happy day!!! Thanks for the info and any future updates. I would like to read that transcript. seven

  • Kismet

    I believe there is another level of Appeals within the Province that would have to be approached before it could be raised to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Trouble is the Society likes trying to escalate things like this so they can get the top Court to make a ruling that would be binding on all Provinces.

    I don't see the SCC hearing it since they have made significant rulings about Best Interests of the Child over the past few years and would not likely want to revisit it agains so soon.

    My thoughts anyway.


  • Kismet


    Cheques or money orders are perfect. Thanks for re-posting that information.


  • SixofNine

    Thanks for sharing that Kismet.

    This is so great because it puts the JW's version of informed consent on trial.

    It doesn't take much work to PROVE that no Jehovah's Witness, and certainly no minor Jehovah's Witness, truly has informed consent.

    It takes information to know, informed.

    I wonder to what extent the court heard the JW's biblical doctrine on trial? It might seem crazy to suggest that a court hear doctrine, but the fact is that JW's are not allowed to even consider all relevant biblical information when making their decision, let alone all relevant medical information.

  • metatron


    Another defeat of the Watchtower Society and its evil
    efforts to use deception and shunning to control
    its thralls.


  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    This is potentially a very important development. I want to
    focus on these comments of the judge:

    ... the judge also pointed out that the teen has not looked "death in the face," because she's been told by fellow Witnesses that the blood transfusions are not essential to save her life.

    "Because of incorrect information and the behaviour of some around her she now believes that she will not die if she does not have transfusions," she said.

    The Appeals Court recognizes that the girl has been fed inaccurate information by fellow Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society and that neither her (despite her being a mature minor) nor her mother are able to view the situation from a balanced perspective and make reasonable choices.


  • anewperson

    Randy Watters ( [email protected]) wants the phone number of Shunned Father's attorneys McCarthy & Tetrault to confirm to whom any donations need sent. A news article had said as you give above to make checks to Shunned Father at the address given. However another email came out that is saying make checks out to Save My Daughter. Another email saying it's from Shunned Father/LH says the newspaper article was wrong, make checks as said to Save My Daughter, gives a name and phone of a person called Maggie said to be a notary handling the fund. This may all be correct, but then too maybe not, and Randy says he often gets scams attempted, hence the need for him to be emailed by one of you the phone number for the attorneys. If you have it, please send it to him now.

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