Israel has No Future

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  • JT

    After years in the 'truth', you might understand that people
    often don't know what's most beneficial to themselves and chase



    you are going to mess around and get DEEEEP ON US HERE NOW


  • JT

    Am I missing something? The “other side” claims to be God’s fact, that is what is driving the Hate for Israel......


    Perhaps you didn't understand my post- you are missing a very important point- since the days the jews rolled out of isreal they have claimed to be the chosen folks of god
    and just like the arabs they too make the same claim

    go back and read my post-- i pointed out that for the most part all religions be it jew, christian, muslium they share the common view that they GOT THE HOOKUP WITH GOD-

  • JT

    WHENEVER a group of folks state that god has WHISPERED into our eye

    you got some problems on your hands- a few 1000 yr ago the jew proclaimed that view and the folks today who are the decedants of the arabs have not forgetten it

    so it's payback time and that is sad

    the role that religion plays in most conflicts becomes clear when you look at the underlining issues


  • Carmel

    Peace is inevitable! It may take another generation or two, ( I predict within one) and it may be through an act of good will between parties or more likely seen as the only alternative for each party to survive and have grandchildren. It wouldn't surprise me to see theater level nucs used by Israel, not on Palistine, but on those that continue to feed Hamas, et al. Eventually, the dictatorships of Islam will go the way of the Berlin wall and its Soviet system that built it.

    I hope to live long enough to see it all tranpire.


  • ThiChi

    “Perhaps you didn't understand my post- you are missing a very important point- since the days the jews rolled out of isreal they have claimed to be the chosen folks of god
    and just like the arabs they too make the same claim”

    This is what you said

    "well once again we see the foolishness of what happens when someone steps out on the world scene and states that THEY ARE GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE"

    With respect, I did read your post and still disagree. Again, you are mixing one aspect of Judaism (National) with the religious aspect of Judaism.

    I have never, ever, read anywhere that the Israel State of today claims any land or sovereignty based on being “God’s People.” England saw the need to re-establish Israel based on their past history as a national entity, not as God’s people.

    Today, they are a democracy, with full fledged Palestinian Israeli Citizens, who choose to stay in 1948 to defend Israel’s right to exist. No religious control of State affaires exists. In fact, many in the kismet Government profess no formal claim to the religious aspect of Judaism.

    As an example, Present Bush is a Christian, and the Christian doctrine is “you must be saved.” Does that make the US claim that they are God’s people? No. Same for Israel.

  • singsongboi

    i have not researched the events that led up to the establishment odf the state of israel very deeply, but what i have learnt is this....

    Israel was established, partly due to the work and influence of 'zionists' ... who saw their goals as based on their 'religious' philosophy...

    true some did look at other places to establish a "homeland", but the majority favoured an effort to return to palestine...

    some started to do this - infiltrating, if u like to use a emotive word... and building a critical mass under the noses of the palestinians.

    the british were forced to give independence to israel, by the terrorist tactics of the stern gang and other jewish terrorist groups - who used bombings etc. to reach their political goals - in a way that is not too different from what the palestinians are doing to israel now.

  • Elsewhere

    How about this... the Middle East countries are always complaining about how the US is interfering with their internal affairs. To correct this, and so that the US cannot be blamed for anything, why don't we completely pull out of the region? I mean EVERYTHING... have nothing to do with them - no trade, no politics, no support, NOTHING.

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

  • ThiChi


    Your point? The US was first settled by Puritans to escape the King of England’s religion...The fact is the UN granted Iserael’s right to exist as a nation.

    Right now as we Speak, Israel has 20 percent of the actual British Mandate borders of 1917. The Arabs have 80 percent. Jordan was part of the British Mandate. The British created Jordan and named the country after the Jordan River in 1922. The 67 war was caused by Egypt.

    The agreement ending the Suez War of 1956, stated that blocking the Gulf of Eilat would be an act of war. On May 23-24, Nasser announced the closure to Israeli shipping of the Strait of Tiran at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, a measure that Israel immediately declared to be an act of war. Egypt blockaded Israel's Gulf of Aquba and Eilat, thereby starting the Six-Day War One week before the 1967 war, Egyptian radios had very profound announcements.

    Only TWO nations have ever existed there in the last 2,000 years. Who are they? Ancient "Israel" and Israel re-established in 1948! To the Arab people as a whole no such entity as "Palestine"ever existed in history. There was certainly never an ancient Palestinian Arab nation!
    Archeologists to this day, continue to dig up artifacts with Hebrew writing, not some fictitious "Palestinian" or even Arabic text! So when the Arabs speak of an historical "Palestinian people," this is not true and they know it!

    The Land of Israel was virtually uninhabited when the Jews began their return to Jerusalem was never in history an Arab capital. There is not one single mention of Jerusalem in the Koran.

  • JT


    I have to disagree, the way i see it almost all conficts have their roots planted firmly in some type of Belief System

    the jews have been fighting in this area every since god told them to take over this part of the earth like you said some 2000 yrs ago

    but hey we don't have to agree that is why i love the NET "THNAG"

    you don't have to agree and you don't have to worry about a god killing you cause you don't

    life is good

    but thanks for your thoughts

  • Carmel

    It's also quite interesting that the flight of Jews from Europe to their "homeland" was a direct result of the suppression and abuse heaped upon them by CHRISTIANS, especially those of protestant derivation. The UN was pressured to do something that went beyond strategic politics to the level of humanitarianism. Interesting how events that don't seem related result in regional political shifts we live with for generations.

    I still maintain there will be a cautious peace arrangement within a year or two which will allow for a generation of "cooling off" then more accords based on trade and sharing of resources, especially water, that will eventually result in the eventual elimination of the dictatorial Islamic rulers. Iran and Iraq will be first to throw off the shackels.

    carmel, (the caveman prophet)

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