Bizarre religious doctrines

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  • Solace

    I am aware of false religious doctrines in the W.T.S.
    I never really considered the possibility of others also being manipulated by different religious organizations.
    I work with a woman who is very devout in her beliefs. The women in her church are not permitted to use birth control, cut their hair, wear makeup or wear jewelry. They may sing but no music or musical instruments are permitted. The women may only wear skirts. They are not permitted to wear pants, even while at home. Today she informed us that it is against her religion to hang pictures on her walls, even photos of her own children are forbidden. She also told us that it is considered a sin to purchase a life insurance policy because they believe that God should be trusted to take care of their needs. Oh, and of course the radio, television and internet are forbidden.
    I found it strange that the church permits women to enter the workforce.
    It makes me wonder what her church dues are since she doesnt seem to spend much on material things. She does drive a car and has electricity in her home.

    Has anyone else heard of other currently popular religions that have excessive or bizarre doctrines?

  • VeniceIT

    Hmmm that sounds like my mothers family who are 'Two by Two's'. Very strict!!!


  • lydia

    What Religion is she??

    I remember when my parents took me to Liberty Baptist College - and I found out I had to wear skirts, no dating by myself- only double dating was allowed, no signs of affection - not even holding hans, a curfew of 9pm ect.. I ran out of there!!


  • Amazing

    Reminds me of a very strict version of a type of Pentecostal or a weird brand of Adventist. Most Pentecostals, Foursquare, and Assembly of God are identical in faith, but differ in Chruch Government ... they are typically moderate as to rules and regulations ... but some brands are weird.

    Following Bible principles, we will avoid trying to live - or demand others to live - by an extensive and rigid set of dos and don'ts that go beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Watchtower, 4-15-02, pg 22, pp 15

  • Doc_jedd

    .....Mennonites perhaps?

  • Solace

    They call themselves "Old" Apostolic Lutherine.
    Whatever that means. I know she gets very insulted if someone calls her just "Lutherine". She makes it clear that her church was "first" or "Old" and the "modern Lutherines" segregated themselves from them and are worldly because they disagreed with their teachings.
    Hmmm, I wonder why.....

    I guess if I had to choose, I would prefer missing out on Christmas and Halloween to being without T.V. or internet.

  • rhett

    I know of people who seem to think that bunnies lay eggs and make a big deal about that bunny bringing eggs to children. How strange is that? They say it has something to do with the resurrection of christ but I can't really see a connection there.

  • Beck_Melbourne


    Sounds much like the Brethren and the Exclusive Brethren...the women don't cut their hair...they only wear denim and light pastel colours...the most common being lemon because it goes so nicely with denim They are an interesting mob...they work with worldlies...but they don't eat with them. The kids in the schools aren't allowed to eat lunch with other kids...stuff like that...very 'we're so special'. And you can only be born into the Exclusive Brethren from what I understand.


  • DakotaRed

    There is a small group, I believe they are called the Followers of Christ, that absolutely will not see a doctor under any circumstances, even for their children. Prayer only. I have heard that Oregon has been investigating them, off and on, for a while and trying to come up with a way to presecute the parents who let their children die when a simple dose of antibiotics could have saved a childs life. They have to be careful not to infringe on religious freedoms, I believe.

    As far as I am concerned, all religions have something bizarre in them. Hell, birth control, prayers to Mary, beads, elevated clergy, you name it. They all have become bizarre.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • Francois

    You can bet that if this group has roots in Lutherianism, it's against any form of fun and frolic - as John Calvin had his cold clammy fingers in much of what they believe.

    It seems that anything Calvinistic, or Lutheran, is based on the fear that someone, somewhere might be having fun.


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