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  • Carmel

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I grew up as a witness in the 50's but found that there were to many issues that I could not resolve without going "outside" to investigate. I have never returned and have no desire to, however, about two years ago I discovered H20 and have been participating there every since. It is not a site that engenders friendships and fellowship with so much hostility from a few that have strong feelings about their Witness experiance. I will be rigth up front with all of you. I am not intersted in attracting you away from your beliefs or "stumbling" anyone. I enjoy discussion matters of faith in a collegial and friendly atmosphere and with those that are open minded.

    This site seems to be one where active witnesses can and do open up and express themselves honestly and with conviction. I hope it remains this way without a crusader coming to try to "win you to Jesus" or kill your enthusiasm for belief in God.

    After many years of searching for a replacement for the WTBTS if feel I have succeeded. Those of you that are leaving or are considering it but feel the claims that "there is nowhere to go" I would be happy to share my spiritual journey, but not on the board here as my motive is to be of help rather than to look for potential converts.

    Cheers Carmel

    OBTW my handle Carmel is a pseudonym. My real name is Tod and I live on the side of Mt. Carmel in the Northern Galilee of Israel. That's right, just up the road from Meggedio!


  • Carmel

    Sorry about the typo's. I'll proof read after this!


  • waiting

    For some reason, we never come into this area. I really don't know why....poor Simon and all his work.

    Welcome to our forum - I have already posted to you - but I didn't want you to think that we don't answer posts - didn't want you to think that we didn't want you here or anything.

    Come back and visit.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Nice to see you, Carmel. I think you'll like it here.

  • spectromize


    Welcome and Shalom my friend!

  • red_spice

    I've been having trouble posting. For some reason my password does not work everytime

  • waiting

    Dear Red Spice,

    Simon's the guy to talk to, he's kinda quiet in here - but he's our resident computer technician (cute nerd).

    Hear from you soon!

  • Simon

    Hi y'all
    Sorry about the password problem you've been having and for being so quiet. You may find it easier to tick the '...remember logon details' when you posts. This automatically enters your username & password with each post.
    I'm hard at work on the next version of the software which should make things a lot easier and add some snazzy new features.
    Waiting's right - I'm the resident techie and leave all the deep conversations to the others
    - Si

  • waiting

    Dear Simon,

    What snazzy new features?

    Damn, boy, I've barely figured out these and you want to go and change them?

    "I'm not going to buy any more music until they assure me that they are not going to change the format again. Cassettes? CD's? No thank you - I'm staying with my 8-Track player for now.

  • waiting

    Oops, that quote was from Rita Rudner.

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