Who are the people in JW TV videos?

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  • sowhatnow
    you think they are good actors? its funny to watch in my opinion. too fake over acted. i never could watch those, and hated the dramas even when i was little. guess i dont like live theater.
  • passwordprotected
    I think they use actors. Being in front of the camera, having to things over and over again for different shots or when someone fluffs their lines is very difficult and the productions are too slick for ALL of the people in them being Bethelites...
  • naazira
    In the future, if not already, the actors will probably have to sign a contract agreeing that they will pay the org a set dollar amount if they are DFed. To cover the cost to edit them out of everything or to remake.This would be an incentive to stay active....or fade. The org would also benefit of course.
  • Slave4_38y
    a day ago
    I enjoyed the sign language guy.
    So did I CTD. He really put a lot of "effort" into it . . .

  • CloseTheDoor

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