Who are the people in JW TV videos?

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  • HappyDad

    Out of curiosity, I have caught a glimpse or two of the "drama" style videos. Are the ones in these televised "dramas" JW's or did they hire actors for the job? I can't see the average JW being able to do acting as good (if you will call it good) as some of these people.

    All I remember of the convention dramas many years ago was the over emoted and almost hilarious attempt at acting out the role.


  • DesirousOfChange

    I am assuming they are prominent, trusted people at Bethel. I'm told that occasionally they have to revise tracts and brochures because one of the (former) Bethelites featured in photos end up DFd.

    But I agree, the acting has been better than would be expected from a bunch of amateurs.


  • fiddler
    Hey, Acting is what a lot of JWs do best. Reading scripted talks and putting together mock D2D skits...acting like they are the 'happiest people on earth'. They're actually pretty good at it! Being in a drama is for some, who actually do have acting talent but will never get to use that talent, the highlight of their life sadly.
  • Vidiot

    Desirous of Change - "I'm told that occasionally they have to revise tracts and brochures because one of the (former) Bethelites featured in photos end up DFd."

    Umm... didn't Stalin do something like that?

  • millie210

    Anyone can act if they are doing something they do in real life anyway as long as they have a good director.

    JWs mimicking being perfect little Christians is an act most have trained for their entire lives.

    A good director and editor and voila!

  • freemindfade
    I thought the same, the need great video at the TMS I thought was too polished to be bumbling bethelites. Probably actors who aren't even witnesses
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    For videos and photos, they use 'exemplary' people in Bethel and congregations in the area. They actually have files on these Witnesses and they note if one of them is no longer exemplary. If that happens they will replace them in photographs whenever they update the publications. The most notorious publications for this are the Young People Ask books (for obvious reasons).

    I'm guessing it's too expensive to do this for videos but I'm sure it would happen if feasible.

  • paulmolark
    They do this on old artwork and artists as well. The brother who did there artwork for the government brochure and a few other brochures around that time was disfellowshipped. They subsequently made adjustments as needed
  • Ignoranceisbliss
    Most of the acting in the movies is awful! Bad news Al was fantastic though.
  • CloseTheDoor
    I enjoyed the sign language guy.

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