Does anyone have a copy of the BOE letter regarding the KH money grab?

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  • WTWizard

    For sure, that blows your hopes of getting any new or remodeled buildings. Before, they pushed such to get loans through. Now, since they are getting the same regardless, they are going to let buildings get into bad condition before doing anything, and then it will be the bare minimum instead of letting congregations put funds toward such major repair work.

    As for donations, mine are all going to the Dollar Doomsday Fund--which means my silver stack. I advise anyone that is still donating anything toward this blatant communism to stop donating anything. You might put the money you would have donated into silver--you keep the silver. At the end of one year, you take stock of how much silver you got this way. When the dollar becomes toilet paper, you realize that this is what you were throwing away before discontinuing, and if you had continued, that little pile of silver that stands between you and total financial damnation would not have been there. Not to mention, you keep this money out of the Worldwide Damnation Fund.

  • clarity

    "I'm an old timer, so I remember when a talk from a GB member said, "The day we have to ask for donations, is the day we know we're finished." Well, I don't think he meant it the way that we take it today.

    Anyone else remember how proud the org. was, when they touted that they were not like Christendom, in that they never asked for donations, never would, and would never have to, due to their confidence in God's support?

    I sure hope others my age (still inside the belly of the Beast) haven't forgotten these things.

    Anything to wake them up from their drunken stupor!"

    Pearl ..........oh ya ...I remember! The most attractive thing about the witnesses was when they declared that NO COLLECTION Plates will ever be passed in the kh! No asking for money. Ever! The day they ran out of money ...that would be the day they would close! Then slowly more & more money shortfalls at the conventions "started happening" ! More Real Estate was gobbled-up. Until now the money is their god!


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