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  • Pathofthorns

    > > Subject: "He Doesn't Serve God"
    > >
    > > Even though this is just a poem, we know from experiences that we read
    >in> > > the publications that this has indeed been the sad outcome for
    many of> >our> > > brothers and sisters for not showing loyalty to Jehovah
    as regards to> > > their selection in marriage mates. As I always say,
    "Good food for> > > thought".> Have a nice one.

    > > Poem "He Doesn't Serve God"
    > >
    > > I met him at work one day
    > > On my lunch break, I was about to pray
    > > We talked on and on and oh, he's such a gentleman
    > > I wished that moment would never end
    > >
    > > But then reality brought forth, the end of my lunch hour
    > > As he arose, he stood as strong and tall as a tower
    > > We met again and again; our souls began to cling
    > > I've pondered, "Could this be the real thing?"
    > >
    > > He doesn't smoke, drink or gamble money
    > > He doesn't take drugs and he's no else's honey
    > > Let's face it, he's fine and has a great bod
    > > The truth? Oh well, he doesn't serve Jehovah God
    > > For I know that he will change in time
    > > So that is why I shall make him mine
    > >
    > > My friends tried to warn me. Did I listen? Did I care?
    > > Little did I know, my life would be one of despair
    > > The wedding went fine; the judge married us in fall
    > > You see, I couldn't have my wedding in a Kingdom Hall
    > > My dad? No, he didn't give me away
    > > With the pain in his heart, he didn't have much to say
    > >
    > > Mom, can you hear me? Mom, why do you cry?
    > > Don't worry bout me, we'll do just fine
    > > I got a good man, who has a good job
    > > The only thing is, he doesn't serve God
    > >
    > > Everything went fine, only recently at night
    > > When the meeting times come, we fuss and we fight
    > > "Who is this God, breaking us apart?
    > > Don't go tonight, follow your heart."
    > > So I listen, to keep the peace in my home
    > > But often times, I feel so alone
    > > Guess cause I don't associate much with the friends at all
    > > You see, I stopped going to the Kingdom Hall
    > >
    > > Service? Oh, well that's history
    > > I just decorated my first holiday tree
    > > The holiday celebrations are now a part of my life
    > > I must obey my husband, for I am his wife
    > >
    > > The brothers would call, I wouldn't answer the door
    > > I stopped reading the literature, it got to be a bore
    > > You see, marrying out of the Truth, gets one free
    > > Free from Jehovah's love that I once had within me
    > >
    > > Oh blessed news, a little one to come
    > > I couldn't wait, had to hurry and tell my Hon
    > > He was in a bad mood, just lost his job that day
    > > He told me all this as he struck my face
    > > "I'm sorry, babe. Forgive me this time, please."
    > > I've heard these words more than once you see
    > >
    > > Two jobs I have now, as I support my household
    > > My husband stays home--still out of work--it's getting old
    > > I'm tired a lot lately, and feeling kinda strange
    > > My schedule at both jobs, I've rearranged
    > > The baby is due anytime now
    > > Things will get better some way, some how
    > > For I married a man for better, or worse
    > > One who refuses to put Jehovah first
    > >
    > > The baby came, so little and light
    > > It wasn't crying, something was not right
    > > What could it be, I wondered in bed
    > > Then came the Doctor, he just shook his head
    > > "Mrs. Unbeliever, there's something to confess
    > > You and the baby tested positive to the HIV test"
    > > Oh my!! What a death sentence to hear
    > > That the end of both of our lives is near
    > >
    > > Listen to me, let me tell you to your face
    > > To marry an unbeliever is a total disgrace
    > > Jehovah, a loving father, who cares for his sheep
    > > So he set guidelines for us to hold and to keep
    > > Let me say this, just to set things straight
    > > He'll give you a nice brother, a theocratic mate
    > > Cause there's nothing a worldly man has to offer at all
    > > But unhappiness, sorrow and a serious fall

  • COMF

    Sounds like the author is trying desperately to convince herself.

  • Naeblis

    I could deal with the ridiculous subject matter if it wasn't so horribly written.

  • DIM

    perhaps the funniest and at the same time worst writing I have ever encountered in my life. What a joke.

  • rhett

    Hey, congrats to whoever this was written about!!! She got out of the cult. Good for her! After getting past all that crap all the rest of the stuff mentioned will be a breeze. Its so nice to see someone moving on with their life.
    Then again, I would love to have any JW say those last couple paragraphes to my face. Remember, I married out of the cult. Tell the elders to come deal with me about it. I dare you. Evansville, IN. NW congregation.

  • Moxy

    hey well at least she didnt marry a pedophile, a near mathematical certainty had she married a JW!


    He say you BWADE WUNNAH

  • Preston

    The writer could have spiced things up for a more interesting poem.

    >> Right after the wedding, he carried me over the threshold
    >> a sinful tale of events to unfold
    >> hours and hours of backbreaking sex
    >> to break me out of my abstinence hex
    >> I swore of meetings, oh so much bliss
    >> for I'm smitten with an adonis God named Naeblis!

    Thank you!

  • unclebruce

    A brand spanking new JW Poem:

    I'll always wear my breeches
    Just like my fellow preaches
    'cos of all Jehovah's creatures
    It's the mosquitos ticks and leeches
    Wot's got no redeeming features!

    unclebruce who's witnessed bloodsucking witnesses blood being sucked in Jungles from Papua to Solomons Island (and whom can outpoem the worst of them vogon bros) Bring back "Poets Corner" in the Watchtower I say!

    PS: Shaddup Cap'n!

  • SixofNine

    Jealousy is such an ugly emotion naeblis.

    Marrying out of the truth is like going to the store and ordering a can of whup-ass and a bottle of AIDS.

  • D8TA

    OMG! I'm so convinced now. Really! I thought it could never happen, but this poem really touched me. It's changed my view on the whole situation....that crumy Rap music lyrics in JW poems should never be written. Wheeew. I'm sure glad to run across this piece of..err..work.


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