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  • sleepy

    Man I used to hate doing return visits.
    At one time I worked with a lot of pioneers and they always did a load of return visits.
    But most people they called on were either elderly and liked someone to talk to or people who may have been polite , or took the mags on the doors , but had no real interest.
    I used to hate the way poeple would say to call back on the "intrested ones" as nearly no one you call on is interested in being a witness.
    Yet most witneeses cant see this.Any sign of a conversation or just looking at the mags and every thinks they are interested.
    So most of these pioneers just ended up irratating people who were just being polite, by repeatedly calling on them.
    Sometimes after a few weeks , the person would just disappear , you knew they were hinding behind the door or something.
    So I hardly ever had return visits as I found I could quickly tell whether someone is being polite or had a real interest in tallking, although I kept some calls going just so I could count them.
    Succsessful pioneers are just the ones who cant read the signs of disinterest easily , and just wear someone down so much that they give in to their preaching.

  • Francois

    Return visits? That the same as back calls?


  • sleepy


    You can only do back calls in America.
    Return visits are only for Britian.

  • sleepy

    Ok. Yes.

  • Moxy
    Succsessful pioneers are just the ones who cant read the signs of disinterest easily , and just wear someone down so much that they give in to their preaching.

    the absolute most classic case of this is an elderly pioneer sister who after being told to leave and having the door slammed on her, will open the door back up by herself and toss the magazines in, returning to the car to tell everyone about the 'excellent return visit' she had. i kid you not--there is not one word of exaggeration. needless to say, the other pioneers dreaded doing calls with her.


    He say you BWADE WUNNAH

  • DazedAndConfused

    Years ago in the US it was Back Calls now it is Return Visits. Not sure when they changed it though.

  • DakotaRed

    We were always told to go back to the ones who didn't slam the doors real fast. I was never all that effective at door to door, although I did place a lot of literature, mostly books or Bibles.

    If God's Spirit is filling a Kingdom Hall, how is it that Satan can manuever the ones within that Kingdom Hall at the same time?

  • anewperson

    This could be a string of itself. How to leave lots of Watchtowers:

    1) Go into the restroom of a mall and shove old back issues under the stall doors;

    2) Go out to a cemetery and leave them on or beside tombstones wrapped in clear paper to protect from rain until found by visitors;

    3) Go to the Dominican Republic and throw Bible tracts and WT's to people as you drive on the road past them.

    Actually I've heard of all three being done, even praised by Circuit Overseers. Crazy, eh!

  • Xena

    I could never remember where my return visits were lol! We would drive around looking for them for hours...I bet a lot of people are extremely grateful for my horrible sense of direction!

    I used to enjoy going on RV's with other people though, cause then I just got to ride around a lot! And rurals..I LOVED rural work...lots and lots of driving! lol I was an ardent JW, can't you tell?

    Did many of ya'll do street work? I remember this one sister forced me to stand in front of a water park in Orlando and hawk the mags. to the tourists coming out...can you say humiliation???????

  • Prisila

    I did street work every weekend at 6:30am to 8:30am Sat & Sun for about 5 yrs strait. We called it "esquinas" in spanish cong. exact translation = corners. I loved it! I don't know why? We usaully went to UCLA university, people felt sorry for me, I can begin to see it now.

    I hven't been out to street work fo about 5 yrs . . . I live it! Sleeping in is great

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