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    Very interesting. Do you think as more aspects of the persons work are considered, a less impersonal view is taken of them resulting in the altering conclusions?

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    I am not sure if it is a more personal view or a more impersonal view that they take. I would say it may be less personal in that they focus less on aspects of a person that are not job related, and they focus more on the job itself and how well the person is doing the job, and hence the degree of personal bias is less.

    There is another method of improving accuracy. Most organizations use rating scales. The most common error with this approach is leniency error. For example, with a five point scale, most employees will get a four or a five rating, and everyone looks good. With extreme leniency, the ratings become worthless. An alternative method is to use rankings, since no one can get a tie score. If you have 10 employees, you rank them from one to ten. There is one danger with this method. If can be very demoralizing to an employee. If a person gets a rating of a 2, on a five point scale, they might not like that, but usually will accept it. However, if they are ranked last out of ten employees, they will be very upset. I know of one large corporation that went to a ranking system based on advice from an academic type. The system lasted less than a year, as the employee's reactions were so negative.

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