Greg Stafford's New Book Has Shipped

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  • dungbeetle

    concerned mamma:

    That is true in my library as well. The ex-jw books keep disappearing...including James Penton's books!!! Here's another funny--even Firpo Carr's books are stolen!!! All the remaining Timothy White, David Reed, Edmund Gruss books are all reference only, thank goodness.

    I have bought and donated books on the CONDITON that they be kept as reference only. I have donated books like 'Wolves Among Sheep' and someone (not me) has donated 'Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness' but it is available for take-out. We'll see how long THAT lasts...

  • david_10

    Another great thread. They're coming too fast these days.

    Alan, thanks for transcribing a section of the preface. If, as you indicate, this sets the tone for the rest of the book, then it is my opinion that Stafford is in a lot of trouble. Even if this is all he said, I think he is in a lot of trouble.


  • clash_city_rockers

    Dear Alf3831,

    I do rember a discussion back in Summer (June/July) 2001 If I gave you the wrong link sorry If you go to James' site

    You will find the debate. Or e-mail James for the details at
    [email protected]

    When I get time I will find it for you or ask James White where it is and ask Elder James White for the details.


  • CorbanCan

    Dear Clash,

    Greg has NEVER debated James White! There are those who would love to see them get at it, but no such event has taken place.

    Secondly, these comment are directed to Mr. Penn:
    I still remember the "deer in headlights" expression on your face when you tried to engage Greg in a discussion surrounding John 17:3. Can Mr. Clay say "ALETHINOS"? Please keep in mind that I was sitting in the radio booth during the aforementioned radio broadcast.

    Your friend,

  • clash_city_rockers


    I will check this week if that is really so with the staff at AOmin. But last year I did hear an exchange between Mr. White and a JW apologists If it was not Greg then who was it? This I will tract down and post.

    You also posted: snip

    I still remember the "deer in headlights" expression on your face when you tried to engage Greg in a discussion surrounding John 17:3. Can Mr. Clay say "ALETHINOS"? Please keep in mind that I was sitting in the radio booth during the aforementioned radio broadcast.

    Look I don't thimk Greg would have a chance with a properly trained MDiv student who was trained at one of the Fallowing Seminaries.

    Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
    Westminster Theological Seminary (East or West)
    Mid America Theological Seminary
    Masters Theological Seminary
    Trinity Theological Seminary

    The reason why is that these schools especially Greenville, Mid America, and Masters are notorious for being extreamly rigorous with thier biblical languages and exigisis program. A properly trained student from these instatutions will easaly be abel to distroy all false theological assesions from those like Greg Stafford who whofully and wronfully divide the word of God from a the origanal languages.

    let me give an example of one seminaries standard
    (from Masters Seminary

    A thesis is optional for Master of Divinity students; however, those who earn a grade point average of 3.25 or higher during their first two years (60 hours) of seminary studies are encouraged to write an original thesis demonstrating their ability to perform biblical and theological research at a scholarly level. The thesis must involve the exegesis of Scripture, employing the original languages as appropriate, either for the purpose of clarifying the meaning of some term(s) or passage(s) in Scripture; or for the purpose of clarifying the biblical evidence relating to some issue(s) of theological or pastoral significance. The thesis must contain not fewer than 50 nor more than 70 pages of text material, with approval based upon literary quality and theological content. Four hours of academic credit, as a part of the 98 hours required for the Master of Divinity degree, will be granted for the thesis project. The student may select a faculty adviser for his thesis project, dependent upon the faculty member's availability and consent, and upon approval of the Vice President for Academic Administration.

    btw how do you know James White never debated Greg and who and what was that debate last summer?


  • accuracy

    So you think someone with a Divinity Degree would make mincemeat of Mr. Stafford?

    Don't you know that even scholars with Doctorial degrees have differences of opinions on Greek and Hebrew grammar?

    A degree does not necessarily make anyone more competent to deal with the Biblical text.

  • hawkaw

    concerned mamma,

    You library should belong to an intralibrary loan group through out all of Canada.

    It may cost you a little extra but they can get you the book if you really want to read it.


    I have tried to get a hold of you personally to thank you for posting information this but unfortunately I kinda ... well ... left your phone number in the office .... and I have not been allowed in the office for labour reasons. Anyway thanks Alan - this is a huge issue.


  • AlanF

    Hawk, call me at:

    970-225-7533 work
    970-206-1555 home


  • slipnslidemaster

    1.) I'm not surprised that Brother Jenson hasn't been disfellowshipped. However, I would be surprised if the entire tenor of his association with both his local congregation and higher upstream hasn't changed. I would be very surprised if he's not experiencing being "marked" first hand now. I'm sure he's still in his position as an elder, but his duties have been trimmed significantly.

    2.) Brother Stafford will be "marked" as well if he hasn't been already for his first book. I think that this book is a little bit more on the "apostate" side and that the Society will move against him in an attempt to "keep the congregation clean". I sincerely don't think that he's long for the Witness world.

    Slipnslidemaster:"I worked very hard and I earned all the attention I'm getting."
    - Anna Kournikova

    Unseen Apostate Directorate of North America

  • clash_city_rockers

    accuracy wrote:

    So you think someone with a Divinity Degree would make mincemeat of Mr. Stafford?

    You got to listen I said those who are properly trained from the particular schools mentioned. Frankly I don't give a skubalon about what most schalors have to say, most of them are a bunch of apostate feminized liberals at least those whom the WT quotes and buddies up with. All I care to read is bible believing calvinist/reformed scholarls (sometimes I will read a bible believing Lutheren and maybe a Dipsensationalist writer)

    If the the WT had any integraty they would qoute from REAL NT and OT Scholars of today like
    1. D.A. Carson
    2. Leon Morris
    3. Richard Gaffin
    4. S. Lewis Johnson
    5. O. Palmer Robinson
    6. Simon Kistamacher

    yea I thought so. The WT likes to buddy up with the fairy, sissy, feminiezed, anti-Christ, bible hating, lawless, liberal scholars.

    note: I did mention D.A. Carson he is good but sometimes I will get irritated with Mr. Carson's use of genre critisism. Not cool D.A. Carson.

    with love,
    the Vossian (after the historic redemptive paradime of Gerhadus Vos)

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