Where are all the Brits?

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  • mouthy

    Do I count? I'm a transplanted Brit. Transplanted to Canada.
    Though my heart is still in England. I agree with you Lesley- I hate
    reading all the sarcastic remarks- I feel if a newbie comes on here( sometimes)they will feel we are needing guidance- better they stay with the Borg than read this drivel..Especially when they are on about their bedroom antics......Not nessesary I think- But I thank Simon for giving them the chance to get free help- to unwind. I just "opt out" when that happens." Oh the gift that God had give us to see ourselves as others see us" I guess many on the board think my remarks is drivel too. But it has been a help to know I wasnt the only one who went through hell after leaving the kingdom of hell.
    Thanks !!!

  • ozziepost

    Where are all the Brits? Same place as all the non medal winners at the Olympics!

    Ozzie (ducking the flying frypan thrown by the lonely Brit still left on the board!)


    "If our hopes for peace are placed in the hands of imperfect people, they are bound to evaporate."

    - Ron Hutchcraft Surviving the Storms of Stress

  • Latte

    Hey Qwerty!

    Glad to see that you are still with us How are thing's?



  • qwerty

    Thanks Latte

    Nice to see you are still here too!

    Things are still very difficult Family wise, on my wife side that is, but I am manageing to cope.


  • nicolaou
    Have you noticed that most of the British posters don't get involved in all this slagging off stuff?

    It's a little thing called class!



  • LittleToe

    Still here, waiting to hear from any Scottish posters, as well as the sasenachs.

    Gotta agree with the comments about flame - can't stand it. I'd sooner back out of an argument and concede defeat, rather than endure the abuse that some dish out (I'm not a proud man).

    IMHO it is never acceptable, on the grounds that JW's need support in finding their own exit plan, and ex-JW's need support because they are often hurting already.

    It was the cynicism and flame that drove me away from "apostate" sites back in 1995. Who knows, but that I might have saved six years of my life, if I had been encouraged by what I saw. That's life, though, and I count my blessings that I'm out now.

  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hello to Lesley and Steven and all the rest of the British .We are a bit thin on the ground arn't we?I know so many who have left and disapeared in recent years-but it dos'nt look as though they're turning up here;I think we tend to go to ground- like foxes!I'm rather down at present,due to a medical prob, so tend to post/read when I need to take my mind off it.But you all really cheer me up!!!!THANKS TO EVERYONE X

  • Latte


    Sorry to hear that, I hope that thing start to get better for you. Give us a call if ever you need to talk. Take care.


    IMHO it is never acceptable, on the grounds that JW's need support in finding their own exit plan, and ex-JW's need support because they are often hurting already.

    Yes, it’s very true what you said there, everyone is at different stages of leaving, different levels of stress to deal with, the last thing they need is to get embroiled in Flame threads/etc. I’m glad that you are ‘out’ now! Everyday, I wake up feeling most pleased that I’m free at last. Oh the joy! Like you I wish it could of happened sooner.


    Sorry to hear of your health problems, I hope that you are feeling better soon. Yes, there are definitely many brits that don’t post on here…..we just gotta stick around for when they find this great place! Who knows just who will turn up?? Kids back to school Monday ??


  • Steven

    Hi Termite,

    Sorry to hear about your medical problems - it can get you down, I hope things get better soon.

    If you want to chat then email me, I must admit I'm not the fastest responder in the world, but I will listen and get back to you.

    Take care...

    TO ALL - What a nice thread - this has been so far...


  • Xena


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