Elizabeth Smart: Abstinence Education Teaches Rape Victims They’re Worthless, Dirty, And Filthy

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  • WTWizard

    This is why the Jewish, xian, and Islam religions have to go. All teach that sex is "dirty, sinful, and needs to be tightly regulated". They all teach celibacy leading to monogamy as the only acceptable path, and place so much shame and guilt on such a natural act that those scumbags at the top of all three are molesting every single child they teach. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! They teach that anyone that breaks the rules is going to be damned, and that looking at alternative viewpoints is a damnable sin. This means that sex hang-ups develop. People that otherwise would have had healthy sexual orientations become perverted. Heterosexual people suppress this and become outwardly homosexual or asexual. Homosexual people suppress this and develop delusions, aversions to all sex, and even become pedophiles (and usually determined to ruin lives).

    And yes, it's all three. Without this shame, we would see much rape disappear (at that, the worst forms in which the rape is an extortion attempt or due to frustration or perversion because of the church). Pedophilia in which the perpetrator simply wishes to ruin lives would disappear since much of the damage is actually shaming the child into believing they are damned (and, without religion, this shame disappears). You would lose the incentive to pull both of these stunts, and the worst forms of sexual abuse (aside teaching these filthy doctrines, which I believe is also sexual abuse as well as spiritual abuse) would simply disappear. What's left would barely do anything, and would probably be less to the degree that normal sexuality is not suppressed.

    To me, abstinence sucks. Suppression of disease cures, which goes along with the risk, is just as bad. If STD or VD is eliminated, there goes the risk of having sex. Gay sex comes without risk of pregnancy, and without diseases (if they are all cured and destroyed, they will not be a risk), there is little or no risk. Straight sex (the kind that comes with pregnancy risks) could also come with fertility rites, which can allow a couple to do sex without risking pregnancy or they could become pregnant if they wish. Polygamy and group sex, whether all the same sex or mixed, would also come without risks of disease and any pregnancy could be planned if desired. And the shame would disappear.

    Along with the shame of nudity. Has anyone else who has seen even parts of ancient Greek artwork noticed nudity depicted openly in public artwork? In those cultures, before the Abrahamic scum infested them, you didn't go out in a bathing suit or tank tops when it got hot. You went naked. And there was no worry about "sanitation risks"--no diseases means no risks. You also didn't have men's rooms and ladies' rooms (along with the waiting times associated with them). Instead, you did what animals have done all the time, and no one got any more grossed out than they might if they handled plain dirt. (In fact, human waste is less medically hazardous than a broken compact fluorescent squiggly thing--you get cut on the glass, you go to the hospital.)

  • mamochan13

    Elizabeth Smart is an amazing survivor and her message is exactly right on. It's the same concept behind the "slut walks". women are blamed when they are raped, both openly and subtly. It's wonderful to see people like her (women and men) who have gone through that experience who choose to turn it into something positive, a way to help others.

    That said, I also wonder how she doesn't connect her Mormon upbringing with her attitudes. I'm pretty sure Mormon's teach abstinence (along with lots of other crazy stuff). She's still Mormon. Perhaps the Mormon emphasis on family helped her to heal after her horrific experience, but I do find it odd that she doesn't equate the attitude with the cult.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    So glad I found this. Researching the WT articles on rape and seeing how much blame was laid on the victim, was huge for me, in recognizing how utterly wrong this relgion is I their treatment of women. I'll be relating this article tomorrow on Facebook, as a I just shared an article addressing how women dress and if it "invites rape" and drew a couple JW comments.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Glad you found it gypsy sam here is another excellent discussion of the influence religion can have on peoples sex lives and their view of sin:


  • LongHairGal

    Regarding her story: I was particularly impressed that after she was rescued it wasn't all that much later that she was seen in public with her family, just like nothing had happened.

    I thought this was a good thing that they didn't keep her in seclusion somewhere. I was glad they took their beautiful daughter out and why shouldn't they? She's not guilty of anything.

    She seems to have a happy life and I am glad for her.

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