Larry Graham and Prince over by my house- smile

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  • JT

    Subject: Guess Who Came to the Meeting Sunday, 3:30 @ South Bowie?

    I was sent this email - I gave a couple of talks in this Hall, in fact it is not that far from where we have built our new home.



    > This past Sunday (rainy and dreary) at our 3:30 p.m. meeting in Bowie, a
    > group of 12-14 individuals walked into the Bowie South Kingdom Hall. I
    > turned briefly and saw lots of people with long hair and fashionable
    > clothes, and made a mental note to be sure to say "hello" after the
    > meeting
    > to these "new ones" coming to the Hall for the first time.
    > I noticed a little red-headed, freckled boy sitting in front of my
    > daughter,
    > Emmanuelle, and I said to her "doesn't that little boy look like Prince
    > Harry, Princess Diana's son in England?" She sat up rigid in her seat
    > and
    > started to scribble on her notepad feverishly. The words she wrote
    > were,
    > "Don't say the word "Prince", because he is sitting right behind me."
    > Confused, I turned my head to the right and there he was, "Prince", "The
    > Artist Formerly Known As" or whatever he calls himself now.
    > He was very interested in all of the Watchtower comments made by the
    > little
    > ones in the Hall, as I could see him lean forward to catch a glimpse of
    > their faces as they would answer questions. One person sitting beside
    > him
    > raised his hand to answer a question, perhaps for the first time, and it
    > was
    > obvious that he was not used to giving comments at the meeting. After
    > he
    > gave his shaky response, Prince leaned over to him and asked, "Hey,
    > what's
    > the matter, Man, are you nervous or something?" Then one of our
    > brothers
    > raised his hand to read a scripture, but read the wrong one
    > (nervousness)
    > and the conductor made a joke about him having "good intentions" even
    > though
    > he was reading the wrong one, and Prince laughed out loud.
    > Later, the conductor called on another brother "in the back row" and the
    > brother took the microphone and gave his name as "Brother Graham". Yes,
    > it
    > was "One In A Million" Larry Graham and his wife, who both gave lots of
    > excellent comments throughout the meeting. It was great to hear them
    > expressing their faith in Jehovah.
    > A few minutes later, the conductor called on another brother in the back
    > row, who quietly took the microphone and announced his name as "Brother
    > Nelson" and he explained that it was bible truths that made him change
    > his
    > life, turn around and try to serve Jehovah. I didn't know Prince's real
    > name is Prince Nelson.......After the meeting and song, a long, black,
    > s-t-r-e-t-t-t-t-t-t-t--c-h limousine awaited the entourage as they
    > shook
    > hands with publishers. Larry Graham said to my husband Pete and me, "We
    > serve a wonderful God. Look what He is doing with Prince. Jehovah
    > draws
    > all sorts of people to Him, and then it is up to those individuals to do
    > the
    > rest."
    > The party of about 14 slipped into the limousine with one of our
    > brothers
    > (Bro. Craig Tracey) to go to the Warner Theater for Sunday's last show.
    > It
    > wasn't until that moment that the friends realized the Craig used to
    > play
    > guitar professionally in a band and his wife (Sis Jennifer Tracey) used
    > to
    > sing professionally. They had been so modest in our congregation, one
    > would
    > have never suspected that they had backstage passes to Prince's show the
    > night before, and had received a call from Larry Graham looking for a
    > Kingdom Hall in the area a week ago.
    > It was a great evening where we were all discussing thorns in the flesh
    > in
    > the Watchtower study. I couldn't help but think about Prince's thorn
    > (the
    > death of his child, which led him to ask bible-based questions about
    > death,
    > the resurrection, etc.) If Prince could, I'm sure he would spend any
    > amount
    > necessary to bring back his child, but all the money in the world can't
    > do
    > that. Jehovah is the only answer for us all.
    > Regards,

  • JBean

    Oh my. If I were there I'd want to turn around and give Prince a SLAP. What the hell is he doing?????? arghhhhh... !

  • JT

    hey man

    Lay off Prince, WT told him that he can see his kid again and he is looking forward to that day

    is it not sad that wt always catches folks when they are at their lowest and weakest mentally speaking


  • TheStar

    Now I understand what got him sucked in... The loss of his child, they sucked him in during one of the most vulnerable periods in his life. Like they did to so many of us.

    I wonder how long it will take him to realize it isn't the truth and if and when that happens what in the world he will do.

  • TheStar


    You posted while I was typing my above post... hehe.. Thanks for giving us that update.

  • Hmmm

    I didn't know he lost a child. Is that the reason he and his gorgeous wife got divorced?


  • dungbeetle

    Thursday, December 19, 1996

    Ex-Prince confirms child born with problem
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The artist formerly known as Prince confirmed Thursday that his first child was born in October with some kind of problem, but he would not elaborate.
    "All I can say is that I'd like to believe that we're both enlightened individuals that know that if you leave things in God's hands you'll find out everything, and you'll find out the answer to the plan. So anything that happens, we accept," he told NBC's Today, where he appeared with wife Mayte.
    The 38-year-old, who uses a symbol for a name, previously refused to comment on reports his child was born prematurely with a deformity.

    Tuesday, March 4, 1997

    Death of Prince's baby investigated
    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Authorities are reviewing the case of a boy who died a week after he was born to the artist formerly known as Prince and his wife.
    The Hennepin County Medical Examiner, prosecutors and police confirmed the inquiry Monday, but would not provide details.
    Erlene and Arlene Mojica, described as personal assistants close to the musician's wife, have contacted authorities about the case, said their attorney, Larry Altman.
    Altman said the twin sisters were fired Dec. 23 by Paisley Park Enterprises, Prince's company, but declined further comment.
    The 38-year-old musician, who uses a symbol for a name, acknowledged in December that the child was born with a problem. The death certificate for the boy, who was born Oct. 16 and apparently died Oct. 23, lists his cause of death as complications caused by a rare skull deformity.
    Neither the birth nor the death certificate lists a father, and the death certificate does not clearly identify the child's mother.
    Dr. John Fangman, listed as the baby's doctor on the death certificate, said the cause of death was natural.

    Friday, March 14, 1997

    Prince wants privacy about son

    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Prince is reportedly trying to prevent two former employees from talking to the media about the death of his son.
    Larry Altman, an attorney for twin sisters Erlene and Arlene Mojica, told the Star Tribune newspaper he expected the musician, who prefers to be known as an unpronounceable symbol, to seek a temporary restraining order barring the women from talking to reporters. The sisters were personal assistants to Mayte Garcia-Nelson, Prince's wife.
    Altman and Prince's attorney, Bob Weinstine, both told The Associated Press on Thursday that they could not comment.
    Prince acknowledged last December that the baby was born with a problem but has said little else.
    A birth certificate said that a boy was born to Garcia-Nelson Oct. 16, but said the "mother refused information" about the father. It lists the child's cause of death Oct. 23 to be complications of Pfieffer's syndrome Type 2, a rare skull deformity.

    Friday, March 28, 1997

    Former Prince wants lawsuit kept private

    CHASKA, Minn. (AP) -- The artist formerly known as Prince wants to keep a lawsuit about his private life away from the public.
    The Purple Rain star asked a judge to keep proceedings closed in his lawsuit against two former employees who went public with their story about the death of his newborn son.
    The rock star has sued Erlene and Arlene Mojica for going to a London tabloid last October, claiming they violated a confidentiality agreement.
    His lawyers asked Carver County District Judge Jean Davies on Thursday to make sure nothing more comes out publicly. Davies gave lawyers for both sides until Monday to file papers on the request.
    The Mojica sisters have claimed that Prince decided prematurely to shut off life support for his baby, who was born with a deformed skull that often causes retardation or early death.
    The artist and his wife have not publicly acknowledged the baby's death, and the child's birth and death records do not clearly document his parentage.

    I just found this, I have no idea what the real facts are. It's very sad in any case.

  • JT

    Just some info

    Larrry Graham and JR Brown (WT spokesman) are "ACE Cum Lody"

    2/3 times a year when i was at bethel Larry and Tina would fly JR and and his wife out.

    in fact JR caused a Stir--at Bethel when he rolled in town driving that Q45

    NOW at bethel on $90.00 amonth when a bro who is assigned to a congo in the Getto of Brooklyn and drives up in a Q45 it makes noise'

    i "Heard" that Graham fixed him up though

    Larry used to live and belonged to the hollywood hills congo

    when i was at bethel my roomate and i went to LA for the district convention, and while we were there my roomate who is now a Heavy at Bethel himself had a buddy who was in the Hollywood hills congo with larry

    so we stayed with him while out there.

    well larry had a big party at his house up in the Hills ( he moved to a smaller condo i heard STILL COST more than most of us could afford)


    yes as a poor black boy from NC living on $90.00 a month I was living the GOOD DAMN LIFE in my eyes- and this is what you get in the org NOT MUCH money per say ,but lots and lots of PERKS--
    anyway as always JR was guest of Honor.

    JR was responisible for Larry getting his exp in the mag can't recall what yr don't have my cdrom-

    anyway larry started studing with prince right after the issue with the kid- from what i heard the child had a rare deformaity that resulted in the eyes not forming -

    the child died and in steps graham with the hope of the resurrection

    Prince first wife the mother of the child didnt like the jw way of life AND THAt from what i "hear" played a part ,

    but in a interview on BET with graham at his side along with Chaka Khan ( she was studying with grahams wife as well as Stephia Mills) and Tavis Smiley was doing the interview.

    Prince talked about "ALL THE COOCHIE" he got over the years


    anyway he felt that god dealt him a blow of punishment for his sins

    he compared his child death to David and Bathsheba, how the baby died so that david could do something great

    well he felt that he could do something great with this notority and name reconition.

    and Larry sat there and never corrected him, but at that time he was studying

    so yes the wt came at a low point in my mans life and took him in

    yes it is sad


  • dungbeetle

    >how the baby died so that david could do something great<

    only the Watchtower (I think) teaches a horrible thing like that. Good topic for another post.

  • JT


    i agree, but as you stated this is how the wt makes folks think

    you know:

    I didn't get the Job- it was not jah will
    Sister Jones got the same job at the bank, must have been jah will

    that warped mindset

    no sister jones went to college before coming a jw
    you quit school to be homeschooled by your mom who quit school to be home schooled and pioneer with her mom who quit school cause the end was aroud the corner in 1925,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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