I want to carry the microphones"

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2


    I hope this comes off as respectful as it is intended, but as serious as it is intended to as well. You should not be shunning your daughter. You have no excuse to. You should NOT be joining your wife in this exercise. In fact if anything, you should be going out of your way to be with her and your grandchild with your wife knowing that this is important to you.

    By doing this you are enabling the situation, and your relationship with your daughter cannot be authentic. Have you spoken to her about what you know?

  • sparrowdown

    Obey your natural desires NOT the GB!

    Reinstate your fatherly instincts and man up and enjoy the company of your girl and her family....

    if she will have you, after what must have been years of pain for her.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Easy for me to say, but I agree 100% with problemaddict2.

    I couldn't sacrifice my daughter and grandchild on the Org's shunning altar. I just couldn't!

    I'd rather risk sacrificing those who worship & revere the men who terrorise 8m J.W.'s with their disgusting perversions of scripture! :(

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    You will always, always regret not culturing a relationship with your daughter. You will feel even more guilty than you do now.

    Who do you want to be remembered as? The kind, loving, wise father who really cared about his children? or... The father who could follow rules ?

    Which father do you wish you had had?

  • stuckinarut2
    seriously, if you know TTATT, then just be a normal father to her....
  • Daniel1555

    Now we only have "necessary family business" with her, consisting of her sharing the grandchildren with us.

    Hi stillin

    You heart an your mind tells you how wrong the shunning of your daughter is.

    You even mentioned that she is even more moral than witnesses.

    I think it must be your goal to change this family situation as soon as possible.

    Apologize to your daughter for shunning her and have normal family relations.

    You wife has to accept your decisions in this regard. You are the family head.

    Tell your wife how you feel about shunning family members. It's not even biblical.

    Good luck.

  • JWdaughter

    This account makes me ill. I am sure that your daughter is sorry for whatever got her DF'd (if only because she messed around with a jerk JW), and between her and god, there are no hard feelings. I think your wife needs to have pointed out to her that getting back to the Bible, your daughter is morally clean. YOU and your wife know what's what and you have your OWN consciences that can be clear with speaking to your daughter. Can't you find a nugget of even scripture to get your wife to thinking about this. . . or as head of the household why can't you declare WHAT is necessary family business. Besides the WT made up that stupid condition? This is between you and God, not you and the congregation-they don't know her or care about her.

    Your wife must be really awesome, amazing, beautiful, wonderful cook provider and (otherwise) the kindest person in the world for you to put up with this nonsense about your daughter and letting her control your relationship in that way. That is heartbreaking, even if daughter knows you are on her side internally, your visible loyalty is being given to that organization. It must be a heartbreaker for her and is telling the kids a lesson about grandma and grandpa's religion that is a true but ugly witness when they know they have a good mom who is loving and kind.

  • stillin

    I wish it was as easy as some seem to think. Obviously, there will be no birthdays or Christmas, "normal" family business. That doesn't mean that I don't call her and say something like "I'm glad you were born as my daughter" on her birthday. I have also told her that I think she made a good choice for a husband, in my opinion.

    if I see her in town I have no qualms about stopping to speak with her, all the better if any JW's happen by. That generally applies to several other people who have been DF'd.

    every family has it's own unique chemistry.

    My kids know that their parents love them and will always be there for them. Even their Mom, the Nazi Witness

  • millie210

    stillin you are so right about each family having its own distinct chemistry.

    It sounds like your daughter knows and feels your love for her.

    I have noticed that even with staunch Witnesses, things can change over time.

    Time has a great softening effect. Perhaps your wife will ease up a bit over time!

  • cultBgone
    So Stillin, if both of your kids are non-jw, what's keeping you "in" other than your wife? Just curious, thanks for letting me ask.

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