No Jehovah,s Witnesses sign on your door may not work for all of us.

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  • jam

    My daughters are still JW,s. Both my daughters live in

    other states. My one daughter that still stay in contact,

    came to town unexpectedly. I had posted a sign 'NO JW,s".

    They drove up (her husband and kids), walked up tp our front

    door, read the sign. They turn, walked back to the car and

    call me on her cell phone. Dad may we come in. LOL

  • LisaRose

    I just asked to be put on their do not call list. I don't want something negative to be the first thing anyone sees at my house, but they were coming by way to often and I work out of my home and do not like to be interuppted. I would just not answer, but then they just keep coming by every few days.

  • talesin

    They turn, walked back to the car and

    call me on her cell phone. Dad may we come in. LOL

    Oh my goodness. :))

    I might have done that with my dad, too. respect

    edit to say.. yup... I pictured that happening as I was reading your words. :D


  • Scully

    I put a "No Preaching" sign on my door. If someone wants to make a social visit, they know the terms before they enter the house.

  • smiddy

    I have been out since 1993 and I would welcome JW`s to come to my door now. I have learnt a lot about JW`s changed interpretations of scripture as well as the over- whelming evidence that discredits the bible as being the word of God .Bring them on I say .


  • cantleave

    Just buy a big demonic look gargoyle and put it outside your from door. It seems to work fine..

  • steve2

    Well to put out a sign to tell them not to call implies they are in the area intending to call. I swear that the JWs in this area don't get out much these days. It's not that I want or expect them to call - more like active JWs are a dwindling breed. Where are they??

    Speaking of signs, my sense of dignity prevents me from putting out a sign inviting inside the latest crop of nicely suited Mormon boys. I could sit in their attractive company, happily enduring their droning narrative on Joseph Smith.

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