Question for Elders... Will Refusing to meet with Elders - Avoid Disfellowshipping?

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    It depends on the situation and how badly they want you dealt with. According to the Elders handbook a df'ing situation can be held in abeyance if there is no immediate spiritual threat from the individual or his/her situation is not well known in the community and the individual can't be reached by reasonable means

    If they really are out to get you then you can be df'ed in absentia if they can prove what you are being accused of via witnesses or other evidence that they deem appropriate. It honestly depends on how much they "want to get you". Anything can be swept under the carpet if they want to.

  • SAHS

    I think it’s the same as refusing a breathalyzer test – you will still get charged and lose your license, as in that particular case the law has to assume the person was legally impaired, and they are presumed guilty by default.

    Also, it would be like skipping a court appearance for certain misdemeanor offences, for which you could be charged in absentia (you snooze, you lose).

    Now, in the case of being summoned to an elder judicial committee, I think that whether you would be disfellowshipped or not probably depends on how much evidence they think they have against you and how strong they think their case might be – and also, of course, just how serious the alleged offence would be in the first place.

    The only thing I could suggest if someone was in a real bind would be to just run – run fast and far, and try to cover their tracks as best they could. And if worse came to worse and the person ended up actually being disfellowshipped, then, well, at least they would be given an opportunity to make a clean break from the cult, which, all things considered, would seem to be a positive outcome in the long run.

  • problemaddict

    Everyone here is right. You cna be DF'd in abstentia. The circumstances matter however. Do they have "evidence" against you and you just don't want to show up? Probably won't work. Do they have suspicions about you that they want to confirm? Deny meeting all day long and nothing will happen.

    There isn't just one answer to your question.

    Maybe share more if you feel comfortable doing so. if not, we all understand.

  • NeverKnew

    Reading Flippers advice...

    I've read post after post about trying to allude elders and it's terrible for the victims. Right now, I'm just trying to draw a bibical parallel to leveraging the USPS to kick people out of salvation.

    To most who know as I have always known (traditional Christianity), the WTS's arrogance is hilariously ridiculous.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    a) Don't sign for registered mail or refuse it saying it's not for you.

    b) Don't respond to them directly, ask for everything to be put in writing

    c) If they contact you in person once, tell them all contact has been recorded and if they continue to harass you, you will take legal steps.

    So far I haven't heard anything further from the publishing corporation. They're supposed to invite you twice to a JC and then send you a letter that you've been DF'ed and have the option to appeal. If you refuse to accept those or have gotten a restraining order in the mean time, there is not much they can do.

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