JW's join the Bogota Colombia book fair trade 2013

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    Link will be below.

    There's an email that's been floating around all over the Jdub's emails and it somehow got sent to me. I don't know if there's already been a post on this but I thought I should share.

    Apparently jw.org decided to open up an "apple store-like" display with desks filled with jw literature and bibles. Apparently, they were not allowed to take donations so they gave out magazines and bibles for free. They also had the biggest bible in the entire book fair. They had tv's with Caleb videos playing and even a dedicated children's section.

    What I've heard is that this was a test run and that they are planning on putting these out all over the world.


    Maybe someone can make it clickable...


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  • zeb

    It is clickable and they have a 'comments' box...

  • OneDayillBeFree

    So what do you guys make of this? Why would the "only true religion" that has never wanted to have anything to do with false religion and the world, join a worldy international book fair? Is this a desperate attempt to gain members?

    Here's the link to Bogota's international book fair website: http://www.colombia.travel/en/international-tourist/sightseeing-what-to-do/history-and-tradition/fairs-and-festivals/may/bogota-international-book-fair

  • smiddy

    This is taking place in Columbia ? Now is the chance for all columbians to give them hell on an international scale for all the damage they have given you ,peacefully of course .

    Are these people for real ?

    Going public when they have changed their beleifs so much over these past 100 years and they expect newbies to accept that ?

    Here in a small town 5000 population they set up a stall in the main street people gave them hell ,not just ex JW`s but other religions ,I havent seen them back since.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I think the Watchtower has finally realized that using thick as a brick men who are considered 'spiritual' to do stuff is not working.

    'Mr spiritual is' out and say hello to worldly marketing and PR firms i reckon.

    This and the new website, graphics and slick cartoons and whiteboard doodles are not coming from JWs brains. (well i may be wrong but i doubt it)


  • jwleaks
  • trujw

    The door to door Kirby salesmen are dead in America. They will keep having them do it to keep them busy but they need new members. So roll out the marketing store. Can't have us satanic apostates be right and their numbers start shrinking why gasp that might prove they don't have gods blessing.


    Cave of robbers.... Why would they not test that in the US?! Are they afraid it won't go over well?

  • betterdaze

    What's the guy on the iPad signing?

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