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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    In the Tour d' France I don't think you do know who the leader is since it's based on adding continuous time of each leg of the race. So, someone crossing the line as "first" might in reality be "behind" someone as far as time goes.

  • wonderwoman77

    It is not tour de france, because that is bicycle racing and most of the time you know the leader, it is the whole sport, not just one time in a sport...

  • Caole
    boxing, aren't their points awarded....

    Yes, points are awarded. But it doesn't matter how many points you have if you get knocked out

    No matter who the observers or participants think is winning, it all comes down to the judges decision at the end of the match.

    Verily, I say unto you...tis boxing

  • Dutchie

    That only applies if the boxing match goes all the rounds. If there is a knockout before that, then its obvious who won. I think its something else.

  • Caole

    Yes, Dutchie...that's why I said it doesn't matter how many points you have if you're knocked out. There can be no knockout before the end of a match, because a knockout is the end of the match. It is obvious who has won in a knockout scenario, but it isn't obvious until the match has already ended.

  • wonderwoman77

    The answer is boxing....:)

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