JWs and Blood Transfusions

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  • MavMan

    These are some excellent links for those that are investigating the pros and cons of blood transfusions. JWs do not accept blood transfussions and through out the years have helped the medical community look into alternatives. Please review these links:

    Study Finds That Less Blood or No Blood Transfusions Best for Critically Ill Patients

    The Bloodless Medicine & Surgery Institute

    Bloodless Surgery

    Benefits of Bloodless Surgery:

    Many benefits come along with choosing to undergo bloodless surgery. Some of which are: never having to worry about the blood being contaminated with a serious disease, and also knowing that the surgeons aren't going to take any loss of blood lightly. Even though there is a very slim chance of getting a serious disease in more developed countries, it is still comforting to know that no chances are being taken.
    Also it's nice to know that the doctors who are working on the patient are concerned with their needs and don't take their pre-surgical requests lightly. Hence much comfort is given to those who choose to undergo a bloodless surgery.

    Center For Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

    NATA – Network For Advancement of Transfusion Alternatives

    The NJ Institute for The Advancement of Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

  • SixofNine

    Negatives of Bloodless Surgery where blood is needed:


  • Dutchie

    It all boils down to a matter of choice. When weighing all the options, I want to have the choice to accept a blood transfusion or not.

  • SYN

    Glad to see you're actually thinking for yourself a bit, MavMan!

    I'm sure glad we don't vote anymore like we did before we got the truth. Now we get to complain about everything ALL the politicians do!
    [SYN], UADA - Unseen Apostate Directorate, Africa

  • voltaire

    I can't imagine there's a doctor alive who doesn't know that blood transfusions have side effects. But, they(side effects) are rare. When the chances of death are greater than the chances of a dangerous side effect, it's a simiple choice. I love the headline about less or no blood being better! That's true of all drugs, even aspirin. Look on a bottle of aspirin, it'll probably say that you should use the smallest effective dosage. Why? Because aspirin kills THOUSANDS of people a year. Take only as much as you need, no more!

  • detective

    You're missing the point of the blood issue, Mavman. The blood issue is about a cruel ban on life saving medical treatments that the Watchtower inflicts upon it's adherents. In addition to being an act of manslaughter, they don't even have a scriptural basis for their claims that some fractions are acceptable and others are not! MANSLAUGHTER. That's what this is about.

  • chasson

    >Study Finds That Less Blood or No Blood Transfusions Best for >Critically Ill Patients
    > http://www.bmsi.net/newsindex.htm#anchor33700

    Less blood, yes, no blood where do you find that in this webpage ?

    This is a old news the trigger of hemoglobin when you must have a transfusion has seriously decreased since 10 years from 12 dg/L to 6 dg/l, but in fact there are SEVERAL factors that obliged doctor to transfuse, (for example heart disease) this is not a story of a simple trigger.



  • dungbeetle

    YoYoidiot as usual is trying to turn attention away from real issues...that is freedom of choice and INFORMED consent.

    When the Watchtower (or JW's on their own) lift the expulsion shunning over medical choice issues, that is the ONLY thing that will resolve these issues.

    And as I stated on another thread, Jehovah's Witnesses are beating, raping, and murdering one another at a probably unprecedented rate in their 120+ year history. Their credulity is down the shithole right now.

    Fewer and fewer medical professionsals are honoring the consent forms of JW's becasue of the expulsion and shunning--this is not informed, freely given consent. This isuue is finally getting the attention it deserves, it isn't going to go away.

    Let the Watchtower (or JW's on their own) lift the expulsion/shunning..THEN WE CAN TALK!!!

  • MavMan

    Many Witnesses, like myself, are and have been investigating alternative ways to blood transfusions. We follow Jehovah's law and see the wisdom in not accepting blood transfusions.

    The blood issue is about a cruel ban on life saving medical treatments that the Watchtower inflicts upon it's adherents
    I disagree, it is not a cruel ban on life saving treatment. Blood transfusions do not guarantee survival. This is a fact when we see the number of patients that have died even after being transfused. If there is not guarantee of survival, the Witness is left with a decision, accept a blood transfusion that does not guarantee survival or have the peace of mind of obeying Jehovah's law of abstaining from blood. The faithful Witness will obey Jehovah.

    they don't even have a scriptural basis for their claims that some fractions are acceptable and others are not!
    They do have a scriptural basis for abstaining from blood. Whether you agree with it or not is not of consequence to the Witnesses. Regarding the fractions, you are right, there is no scriptural basis, as modern medicine is not covered in such detail in the Bible. They are just using logic in balancing modern medicine uses for blood fractions and obeying God's laws.
  • SixofNine
    We follow Jehovah's law...

    I can demonstrate to any reasonable person (or 12 in the case of a jury) that you are lying when you say that.

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