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  • paulmolark

    IS there ea list anywhere of the changes that have taken place in last 5 years. I ask this because in what I consider some form of "hail mary" my elder father who has not spoken to me in a forever tells me he knows that tone of my hangups was the fact that there were a lot of changes.

    He said that as far as he knows that there have only been 2..............................

    I am aware of a number of them but is there a comprehensive list anywhere on the net?

  • Phizzy

    Yup, would be useful, going back 10 or 15 years would not hurt either, it would show the frequency of Doctrinal change.

    I was talking about this very aspect with Mrs Phizzy over Coffee this morning. I mentioned the change in who the FDS is, and the Generation change, I could not recall anything else from recent times.

    The point I made was that these are not small changes, it means the religion we left less than a decade ago no longer exists.

    Their foundation teachings have changed. Everything we were taught, and in turn taught to others, is now on the scrap heap.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Here are a few which were posted last year. Of course other changes have since been added!

    We had our CO visit and on his second talk he mentioned we need to be a pillar and support of the truth. We can do this by accepting and working with all the changes, refinements and the speed of Jehovah’s organisation moving forward.

    He listed the refinements and changes that occurred in the last couple of years:

    1- Study Edition of WT - allows the society to use more meaty articles and not worry about non JWs understanding them.

    2- Public Edition of WT and Awake. Everything is written in a simpler way to help readers understand.

    3- Reduction of the Magazines size from 32 to 16

    4- Reduction of weekly meetings to allow more for family worship

    5- Regular Pioneers can attend more than once the pioneer school

    6- The new schools of Single brothers and Married couples which later got combined to school of evangelizer

    7- The greater use of Audio and Video in our ministry

    8- The new redesigned website. More languages are available online

    9- Special metropolitan ministry - allows to capture the people who may not want to talk with us at home

    10- The new Search Guide which is available in 160 languages compared to the WT Library which is only available in 40 languages.

    That’s all he mentioned. I think he missed some others:

    1- New tithing arrangement

    2- No Bible study when CO visits

    3- Scrapping of special assembly day and splitting Circuit assemblies to 1 day and having it twice in a year

    4- Changing the name of the District Conventions to Regional Conventions

    5- Scrapping of D.O's., and their responsibilities picked up by C.O.'s

    6- C.O. given ultimate power in appointing and deleting elders and MS

    7- Allowing tablets on platform

    Not sure if i missed any - feel free to add!

    1) Cancelled the home Bible Study groups
    2) Started Family Worship Evening
    3) Initiated schools at HQ for single sisters, single brothers, & married couples
    4) Stopped applications for the Gilead Missionary School - it's now invitation only
    5) Produced greatly inferior quality paperback Bibles and songbooks - which quickly fell apart
    6) Introduced a Study Watchtower for "deeper" articles for Witnesses
    7) Reduced the pages in the public Watchtower and the Awake by 50%
    8) Introduced a website where literature, Assembly programs & videos can be downloaded by people, rather than giving printed material away
    9) In the July 2013 Study Watchtower, several MAJOR teachings which were the "truth" for many decades, were REVERSED!!!
    10) Set up a scheme whereby every congregation cancelled their KH private insurance, and paid the premium to the Org.
    11) Established the Kingdom Hall Trust - which effectively assigns ultimate control of the KH to the Org! (Google Menlo Park)
    12) World HQ gets sold off after nearly 100 years
    13) Numerous country Branches sold off and Bethelites made redundant
    14) Every District Overseer in the world to be made redundant in September 2014 - "many" will be used as Circuit Overseers
    15) New donation arrangement to be instituted this year, by getting Witnesses to pledge and pay a specific amount of cash every month.
    16) Only a privileged few thousand got invited to the Annual Meeting - in future, everyone will see it via videolink
    17) The sell-off and relocation of the Britain Branch
    18) The Worldwide Kingdom Hall Construction Team to replace the RBC in its present form
    19) The Revised edition of the New World Translation Bible
    20) WTBTS registers as an NGO and attends the conferences of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. (OSCE) 21) All Circuit Overseers to retire at 70

    21) All Circuit Overseers to retire at 70

    22) CoBE approaching/80 years old to retire.

    23) New "pledging" [tithing] arrangement and the taking of every congregations' "excess funds".

  • pronomono

    Or this....

    Beliefs Clarified (

    I hate to link to their site, but they've got a pretty comprehensive list. You can fill in the blanks with JWFacts and the lists above.

  • pronomono
    The problem with the "official" list is that they link to recent articles discussing old changes in a positive light. You have to read between the lines to see the truth. So for every change, you have to go back to the original articles discussing those changes. The truth rarely lines up with the picture the organization paints.
  • Phizzy

    Very helpful stuff above thanks !

    I like to stick to the Doctrinal changes only when speaking with JW's, in that, as I said above, such changes make it a brand new religion as far as I am concerned.

    So I challenge them to prove to me that this new religion is the Truth.

    Funny, but none of them, several Elders included, have tried to do so, why is that ?

  • paulmolark
    Thanks for those links and I will use them. Like Phizzy said though, only doctrinal stuff hits them. All the other stuff is cool fun rah rah rah we are great and keeping up with the chariot bullshit they thrive on.
  • FayeDunaway
    I didn't know about 21 and 22. That is total ageism! Many people, especially these days, are still doing great in very old age. Why do they need to set some stereotypical number limit??

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