The Loss Of Power and the Return Of The Angry White Man, 1960-1980

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  • *lost*

    Terry - excellent comment there.

    I'm not an American so the poilitics I won't understand.

    I love the piece you wrote there about core values etc ..... I think if you take that last section, it would make a great post.



  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Good discussion. May I point out that Martin Luther King, Jr. stayed alive until the historical moment when poor and working class whites were going to merge with the black civil rights movement. The Establishment would have been shaken to its core. No other leader could bridge the two worlds. Hence, no more Martin Luther King, Jr. You don't need conspiracy theories to prove this.

    Also, why do lower middle class and working class voters ever vote for the GOP. If you are wealthy, a vote for the GOP is in at least your short term interest. When I saw my first legal paycheck, I announced that I was changing the parties. The poor whites and lower middle classes may vote GOP against their self-interest but they will never be welcome at the GOP table.

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