Questions Regarding the New Light on the FDS

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    I have a question. P.11, par. 6.

    Now that the inspection and cleansing runs from 1914 to 1919 (before it was from 1918/9 onward), doesn't it mean that ditching Christmas, birthdays and the cross in the 1920s was NOT part of the cleansing process after all? If the Org. was cleansed by "the early part of 1919" then all the 'pagan' stuff couldn't have been making the Org. spiritually grubby.

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    We don`t gotta explain Shit to Anyone!

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    never a jw

    Now I understand why many JW's are in the cleaning business. It's part of their spiritual heritage projected into their job.


    Are you implying that Jesus must get into a different line of work?

  • wokeup

    I've been mulling over the nu lite on the current watchtower leaders revised historical and theological premises. Much has already been said but have to throw in my 2 cents.

    I noticed sometime ago the Society quit referring to the founder and 1st president CT Russell as founder and said the Jesus founded the 'Truth". Then a couple months ago referred to Russell as the 1st 'editor', theologically demoting him.

    NOW he has been theologically castrated by inferring that CT Russell was NOT a faithful slave nor anointed and the Watchtower Society wasn't even God's organization for 40 years till 1919!

    It seems logical that the next step for the governing body will be to attach profound theological significance to Rutherfords' release from the Atlanta state Pen in 1919 more than ever, especially since nothing else happened that year. Perhaps nu lite on the Cedar Point Ohio conventions as well.

    My 2 cents worth

  • extractor

    I think it's all intentionally convoluted so that 99% of all JWs go, "Ahh forget it. I can't figure it out, so I'll just keep sitting thru the meetings so Jah won't off me."

  • Listener

    How could Jesus start cleansing the temple in 1914 if it had not first been selected by him? Why and how is it that he chose Russel's organization to cleanse above all other religions? This would mean that only Russell and his mates were in the temple at that time,

    With the parable of the wheat and the weeds, there is a storehouse in which the wheat started to be stored in and according the the GB that began in 1914. Surely that storehouse had always been there, you wouldn''t start planting wheat if you had not already built your storehouse and that was supposed to have happened back in the 1st Century.

    It has been mentioned before that it would seem to have been God's will for Russell to have died during this cleansing process in order for a new leadership to evolve.

    It amazes me that they did not take this opportunity to change their understanding of the wheat and the weeds. If anointed christians are wheat (who are saved) and the weeds are imitation christians (who are destroyed) then what is the other sheep?

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