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  • raymond frantz
    raymond frantz

    BOX ON PAGE 24 OF THE JULY 15TH TITLED :"If ever the evil slave...."

    Jesus has placed the weightiest of responsibilities on the faithful and discreet slave-namely,overseeing the domestics and giving out spiritual food atthe proper time. Jesus knew that those with greater responsibility have greater accountability. (Luke12:48) Hence, he concluded his illustration about the faithful anddiscreet slave with a powerful warning.Jesus warned about an evil slave who concludes in his heart that the master is delaying and who starts to beat his fellow slaves. When the master arrives,said Jesus, he will punish that evil slave "with the greatest severity."-Read Matthew 24:48-51.Was Jesus foretelling that there would be an evil slave class in the last days? No.

    ****In the same line of thought was Jesus foretelling that there would be a faithful slave ?If the evil slave is not a specific class of people why should the faithful slave be ?****

    Granted, some individuals have manifested a spirit similar to that of the evil slave described by Jesus. We would call them apostates, whether they were of the anointed or of the"great crowd." (Rev. 7:9) But such ones do not make up an evil slave class. Jesus did not say that he would appoint an evil slave. His words here are actually a warning directed to the faithful and discreet slave.

    ***If this a warning directed to the faithful and discreet slave then these evil slaves must be members of this body ,eitherwise how can this be a real warning ?****

    ***Non appointment is not a determining factor as to whether this is a specific group or not***

    Notice that Jesus introduces the warning with the words "if ever." One scholar says that in the Greek text, this passage "for all practical purposes is a hypothetical condition." In effect, Jesus was saying: 'If the faithful and discreet slave were ever to mistreat his fellow slaves in these ways, this is what the master will do when he arrives.' (See also Luke 12:45.)

    ****They just admitted what they previously rejected ! They just said that the evil slave will be part of the faithful slave class***

    ***To be able to bid your brothers you should be in a position of authority or goverment (Clarke's commentary on the Bible)

    However, the composite faithful and discreet slave has continued to keep on the watch and to provide nourishing spiritual food.The anointed brothers who together serve as the faithful slave recognize that they are accountable to the Master for the way they care for his domestics. The heartfelt desire of these anointed brothers is to fulfill their responsibility loyally so that they might hear a"well done" from the Master when he finally arrives.

    ***Self assuming statement ! We have continued to keep on the watch (1914,1919,1975,overlapping generations...) and to provide nourishing spiritual food .(Why don't you let Jesus decide if you REALLY did that)

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Lets review:

    1914.... 1925... 1942 +/-... 1975... "within the 20th century"....... the 1914 generation

    one of the 6 reasons we know we are in the last days.... the annointed numbers were suppose to be going down...

    and now.... because these things didn't work out, we are asked to accept this new light as truth...


    is the light going on?

  • frankiespeakin

    God a person can assume all kinds of things once they have convinced themselves they are the Faithful Slave of God who need to becareful not to become an evil slave but hubrisly insist that it won't because of self proclaimed faithfullness. What a bunch of convoluted assholes, they have become in their delusions.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Great points

    Ridiculous, isn't it? WTS writing committee.....

  • heathen

    I thought they were backing off the FDS and saying they don't show up until the tribulation and they changed the tribulaiton dogma , anyway the only one qualified to be the evil slave would be the one who claimed to be the FDS to begin with , which of course is the WTBTS . ANyway getting more and more confused over what direction they are going here .

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