A note to my elder 'friends'

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  • George

    Very well, I shall maintain a civil attitude here on behalf of the others.


  • waiting

    Dear George,

    With a civil hand (and keypad), welcome to our area.

    Frenchy's right, we don't agree sometimes, but we can disagree without being disagreeable. I personally think he took that quote from me - but I'm really trying hard not to be disagreeable tonight. I really am.

    I read your post "Sam" on H20 - please be civil in here - your sarcasm is quite apparent. This is just a place to talk our thoughts.

    Thank you very much, George.

  • George

    What I said about my 'old witness buddy' Sam was true. When they put me out I never heard from him again. I wrote what I did the way I did so as to warn others who might be considering joining the organization for the purpose of finding friends. My experience is that they are all 'fair-weather friends.'


  • RedhorseWoman


    I think you'll find that your research into the Bible can be very helpful here. No one is being thrown out for expressing ideas that many would consider "apostate". People here are thinking and trying to come to terms with God and their faith.

    I'm sure you can contribute some excellent ideas.....but leave the jokes to Frenchy (not that he's all that good, but we just don't need another jokester) LOL

  • RedhorseWoman

    George, I don't think you'll find any argument here about fair-weather friends. My experience with my Mom was just that sort of thing. She wasn't even disfellowshipped....she just become old and ill and unable to make her hours. She spent the last 18 months of her life with almost zero contact from her "friends". Such treatment hurt me more than you can know.

  • DavidChristopher

    I was tossed out for asking questions about the bible. I never thought I was being misled, but why would questions be a threat to the truth? Also, I asked "if bad associations spoil useful habits, then why did Jesus do it"? They had no explanation, got upset and told me to leave. Is it wrong to question the teachers? Jesus would not have gotten mad at me. Do I have to wait for a watchtower to come out to get an answer to my questions? If they were truly looking out for my best interest, wouldn't they have a explanation that they could share with me. Somebody help!

  • serendipity

    Hi David C.,

    Welcome to the forum!

    To answer your question: Jesus could have bad associations because he was perfect. He was on earth for an exalted purpose and would have the reward of Kingship and immortality. He had observed humans for many years and knew what was dangerous. I think he was highly unlikely to sin based on bad association.

    When JWs have questions, they can look up answers in the WT publications and/or talk to other JWs and elders. If it's a real stumper they can write to the Society. If an 'official' answer is given, a JW is supposed to accept it. If he doesn't accept the answer and expresses that publically, he can eventually be df'd for apostasy. If there isn't an answer, a JW is supposed to wait on Jehovah, and not speculate publically. A JW is not supposed to have independent thoughts beyond what is presented by the faithful & discreet slave. The org places more value on unity than anything else. They do not look after the interests of individuals.

    This isn't scriptural. This isn't fair. But that's the way it is.

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