Who is the author of this quote! :)

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  • Julie

    Let's see, Larc and the fragile Zazu spend hours hammering on Wendy in e-mail, abusing her, and poor Larc is the victim? Tell me Island Woman, do they let you drive???? How's the medication level? In need of adjustment?

    Man, why don't you go find some other abuser to protect and get off my ass?


  • Prisca

    Hi Dame Nelly Mel... opps, I mean Julie Good to see you've resinded on your multiple declarations that you'd never come back here again.

    I hope you realise that your accusations that Larc and Zazu "hammering on Wendy in email" is totally unprovable, and irrelevant to this thread? Not to mention slanderous?

    Anyway, Wendy said that she didn't want her pregnancy to be used as an excuse for her behaviour, so why are you trying to use it to make her seem the victim?

    Nice to see your kindness and warmth coming through your posts again luvie.

  • Angharad

    Please can we let this go now.

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