Obessed with sex?

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  • DB

    Now that I have your attention....Really, this is about sex.

    This week's issue of Newsweek contains an interesting commentary by Anna Quinlan, found on the last page, that deals with the Catholic Church's Priestly sex scandal and how, for so many years, repressive teachings by the Church in matters realting to human sexuality have been very counter-productive and have missed the mark badly while the Church at the same time tried to cover-up cases of pedophilia among priests. Examples given include teachings like no divorce (while people suffer in bad marriages), no birth control (thus teaching that sex is not be engaged in simply for pleasure but with the purpose of procreation), and so on. And yet in the meantime, they obviously missed the boat on the whole problem of sex abuse within their own priesthood.

    While JW teachings are not as repressive, at times I have noticed a seeming obsession, if one might call it that, among some JWs in matters of a sexual nature. For example, a CO came through our area a few years back who pointed out all the supposed phallic symbols around town, bragged about breaking up a supposed youth sex ring in another circuit (according to him, he was the only person who figured it out and acted), and told a sister and I the reason why a local brother was df'd (a sexual offense which he detailed, to the shock of that sister and myself).

    In another instance, I was once working alone with a sister in field service because the family that was supposed to meet up with us in the territory did not show. When an elder saw us leave the break site togther (they came for coffe break just as we were leaving), I got the predictable phone call warning me about pairing up alone with a sister. Neither one of us even gave it a second thought, especially since it was not planned, but the elder sure seemed bothered by it.

    While the Newsweek article and the examples given are not quite parallel in nature, I was just curious about putting this on the board here, kind of thinking out loud as it were, and seeing if anyone might like to offer an observation, whether in agreement or not. Thanks.

  • picosito

    Of course the WTS is obsessed with sex. Probably because the GB ain't gettin' any, and so everyone else has to suffer too with all the stupid restrictions and guiltiness.

    If assemblies are eliminated, maybe it will be 'cuz there's far too many attractive, dressed-to-kill females in attendance.

    It's not Jehovah that makes the world go 'round, but SEX.

  • LDH

    Actually the whole world is obsessed with sex---JW's just claim that 'due to Jehovah's blessing' (or some equally stupid crap) they're not.

    So it's funny to see them just being human.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    At last someone has posted a thread on this subject that allows me to express my true opinion on this matter.
    I dont think that the WT DRAWS pedophiles to itself.
    I think the WT CREATES pedophiles within itself.
    This is caused by the condemnation and twisting of normal sexual function. The members whose normal drives are twisted by the church position on sex, go off into deviant behaviour.
    Right or wrong... this is my opinion.
    It is based on personal experience, and extensive chats with dozens of former witnesses. Some of them practisers of gross perversions.

  • DB

    Having completed the thread entry under duress (a couple of young guys were jumping over my back yard wire mesh fence and bending it), I goofed on the spelling of obsessed. There, that's better.

  • DanTheMan

    In another post i wrote of how it was only after leaving the borg that my craving for internet and other porn subsided. I'm not an eloquent enough writer to give a detailed, thought provoking explanation as to why, but I sure don't think it is a coincidence. JW's, from the top down, in general only reach an immature level of maturity, if you will.

  • butalbee

    I agree w/ refiners.

    He is sooooooooooooooooo right.

  • yumbby

    My worldly husband was appalled at the rules the elders put on members of the congregation. Getting in trouble if you were ever with anyone of the opposite sex alone. At one meeting we were told that there was NO reason for a man and a woman to be friends outside of marriage. My husband was deeply offended that all men or woman where automatically judged to be sex pervs and ready to jump on anyone that they had two minutes alone with. He felt like it was assumed that everyone was animals without restraint. He's not the only one who has been offended at this line of reasoning.

  • DB

    Good points refiners/yumbby/dantheman

    Yumbby hits it with the seeming constant suspicion whenever a man and woman are alone. In the example I gave of myself and the sister in service, we are both married and the thought of carrying on with her, and she with me, was the furthest thing from our minds that day, and then to be called and warned about it was annoying and showed a total lack of trust in us.

    As far as creating such a climate that almost seems to promote sexual misdeeds, maybe this eqaution could be applied: repression=obsession.

    It reminds me of what happens if you tell a child not to go near the cookie jar. One admonition may be enough, but sometimes, if a parent makes an issue out of it, the child becomes *more* fascinated with what is in the jar, and the prohibition itself almost becomes the inducement to do the thing that is prohibited. This is not to say that rules should not be made, but that in some cases repressive, issue-creating rules often end up having the opposite of the desired effect.

    In the example I provided about the CO, I used to wonder, 'who *really* had the sex problem? I could not help but think that he was the one who was obsessed with it.

  • teenyuck

    I am with refiners....

    In an interesting parallel:

    My mother, devoted JW, last marriage ended in 1984.

    My MIL, devoted catholic, last marriage ended in 1974ish.

    Neither one has had sex since. I guarentee it. MIL recently came out with the revelation that she is lonely and wishes she could have remarried after her divorce. Being raised in a catholic boarding school, I am sure she never even tried to have some fun with herself. She would never consider marriage because she could/would not get first marriage annulled. (stupid rule)

    My mother, same thing. Once she became a JW, all sex for pleasure went out the window. After her second failed marriage, in which she married an Iraqi (loooonnnngggg story), who used to beat off to porno after work, she never had sex again. She said she is just not interested. I asked. (daughters, on the phone, 500 miles away, can ask these questions safely).

    I have come to the conclusion that both religions focus too much on sex being bad.

    The catholic church ignoring people's need for it and the JW's trying to stifle it. It sets people up to "do bad."

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