Israel could be 666?

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  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    Just think about it for a moment.

    Israel is the two horned (headed) beast, small horn (head) =
    big horn (head)= USA

    The beast was, was not and is again.

    666 is 3 x 6 triangles in David star. Each triangle has 3 sides.

    Antichrist? Possible. Given power by the devil? Possible.

    Ruling over USA and trying to impose the New World Order.
    On their agenda is to destroy any religions including Christianity.

    Whole world is looking with admiration to USA, governed by Israel.
    Now it is not official but it can be reviled in the near future with full disclosure. Many accusations of USA working with aliens (or demons) and... things may looking interesting when compare with the Bible.

    I'm not saying that Israel is the 666 but there are so many points in
    this direction.

    If they are, than New World Order will be imposed as Revelation

    Also, the great harlot, Babilon the Great pointing to modern Israel.
    But, it has to be destroyed.

    Any other thoughts, similarities or comparisons?

    One more thing. Some old prophecies are telling that WW III
    will start from smallest nation on the face of the Earth. Palestine?

    I've heard about it more than 30 years ago.


  • Bang

    Who worships Israel?
    In a way I suppose symbolically the white right do, i.e., the idea of being so righteous that revenge is theirs - "we are good" and all that sort of stuff.

    A lot of people in the world won't worship a god who's a beast, sometimes they'll do as they're told, but without the worship bit. They turn away from the suits and even consider hell a better option, become a prostitute or join the greens or whatever else people do. When the time is right He returns to them and in their hearts they refused to love the beast who would demand they buy or sell 'love'.

    There's many other people who hold up an imaginary beast to be god, and often it is western style arrogant, blind, enforcers of righteousness and 'god's revenge'.


  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    Regards worshipping the beast.

    Whole Hollywood is run by Jews. Of course Hollywood is worshipped.
    70% mass media, TV stations, radio stations, record companies, MTV,
    CNN, ABC, now AOL and Netscape and newspapers are owned by Jews.
    Of course their idols are worshipped.

    USA is run by Jews and the world do admire USA power and riches and

    Yes. That beast is worshipped. Every evening people on front of TV sets,
    behind newspapers and computers are rendering an act of worshipping that beast.

    And the beast is starting to impose a great tribulation which was never experienced
    before in human history. Big Brother is watching. Every phone conversation is recorded,
    scanned and stored. Every email is scanned and stored. Everything you type on the screen is recorded by M$ and your hard drive. Formatting does not remove data permanently. They can see us inside our homes. They can hear us inside our homes without bugs. We do have the most sophisticated system of the mind control.
    They are trying to censor Internet. All ready some search engines are paid to not display
    sensitive information’s about alternative fuels and other sensitive subjects.

    Now take a closer look an infamous Patriot Bill and guess how far we are from the greatest tribulation the world has ever experienced.

    I’m not supporter of the WTS! I’m a bit skeptical about the Bible. But, these things seems to be real. If aliens (demons) are running with USA whole show, sooner or later they will revile their existence and they will try to persuade whole world to invest in powerful weaponry to be able to withstand an attack from outer space, because is planned by some other aliens.

    And that would the battle of Armageddon.

    One more thing. I do not believe in all of this, but… I’m incline to believe.

    I do not believe in one word of the WTS because… they should print such information, not me! ;-P.

    One more interesting point. The war in the Middle East was declared by Palestinians. The smallest nation in the world. Makes you wonder, huh? I have to find out where I’ve heard that prophecy.

    Any idea?


  • Xenu

    Dont forget that Satan was once a favored son of the Almight Jehovah,
    but rejected his way, and was cast from the favor of God.

    As was/is Israel.

  • misty

    Hey, Mr. bean, sounds to me like you read the book called "Satan's Government" by Michael Joachim or something like that. And if you didn't - then you should since he thinks just like you. Except maybe for the Palestine part. Check it out. It is fun to read and adds that the mark of the wild beast could be a chip implanted in your hand or forhead that could make shopping easier than pointing your retina at a camera scanner. However, he does not think Israel is the beast or the antichrist, and frankly, neither do I. They were the chosen nation and will still be used by God.
    That is what I think so far, but I could be dissuaded with a plausible argument with lots of proof.

  • rhett

    Oh my god people! Instead of trying to find some obscure meaning about how the world is about end and which groups are about to die try just enjoying what you have?

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

  • Elsewhere

    Mr Bean,

    You should hang out at the Deep Thought web site:

    "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible" - The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126
    Believe in yourself, not mythology.
    <x ><

  • Mr Bean
    Mr Bean

    <quote>Hey, Mr. bean, sounds to me like you read the book called "Satan's Government" by Michael Joachim</quote>

    Never did! Never heard of. ;-D

    I'm looking at WW III slowly showing an ugly head and I'm trying to find out where I'm and where the whole world is going. It does not look good.

    It does not mean that I'm scared. I do live in the one of the safest cities in the world where Devil himself is saying "Goodnight everybody" to all of us. No one cares about us. It is good like that.

    The drive for the truth (not trooth of the WTS!) and meaning of life has pushed me into this forum in the hope, that I can get a bit further with my research.

    Asking many questions and provoking some answers is not bad tool in my research. As I've said before, I'm searching for the truth. I don't think I have found it. Maybe I'm on the right path to it but... if facts will be against my current belief, I will change it 180 degrees if convincing evidence will be provided.

    Today Israel could be 666, tomorrow USA and three weeks later it could be... China. ;-P

    I'm prepared for any answer! ;-P

    So far Israel seems to be the one!


  • CoolBreeze

    Mr Bean, try a cup of decaf and relax. All prophesy is BS. This line of speculation will lead to antisemitism if your not careful.


  • rhett

    I didn't read the deap thought website but remembered a Tori Amos verse I always loved.
    "So you found a girl who thinks really deap thoughts. What's so great about really deep thoughts?"
    I love that.

    Back down the bullies to the back of the bus
    Its time for them to be scared of us

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