Is this guy for real? Happy Man

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  • avengers

    Just got this E-mail from Happy man.

    Nobody can bee so stupid?
    thank you my freind, i hope you can understan the messege,even if my
    spellling is very bad
    i live in sothern sweden hope you belive mee now
    greetings FROM SWEDEN

    I don't think anybody's spelling can be this bad unless it's on purpose, or unless they're an elder.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Avengers!
    You hurt that guys feelings now!
    Posting his private emails like that.

  • LittleToe

    On the contrary, Avengers, you may need to be a little more patient.
    I was exchanging emails with a guy in the Netherlands, who didn't have English as a first language. For the most part he was pretty good, but would occasionally spell things phonetically. Seven years later, he's doing great.
    Have a heart, eh? I imagine that you wouldn't do too well writing in Swedish (speaking for myself, I know that I wouldn't).

  • Amazing

    Happyman seems for real. He appears to be a JW who is liberal and does not totally agree with the Watchtower, but still feels some loyalty to its teachings. I think in time he will move one way or the other in his opinins ... he seems open minded and willing to discuss various views. This is a good sign, and makes him among the nicer JWs to have on board.

    Following Bible principles, we will avoid trying to live - or demand others to live - by an extensive and rigid set of dos and don'ts that go beyond the teachings of the Bible. The Watchtower, 4-15-02, pg 22, pp 15

  • ISP

    I'd give Happyman some time. He may feel more at ease on Kents board! They would understand hin I guess!


  • avengers

    Ok. Maybe I'm wrong, and I do hope you guys are right. It wouldn't be the first time.

    When you look at the structure of the sentences you can see the words are in the right order. This wouldn't be so if someone didn't know the English language. When I think in Dutch and would translate it in English the whole meaning and structure would be different.

    But in this case the structure was so that you could see the meaning in it, yet with so many mistakes. Anyway, I have a dictionary here on my desk, where I get a lot of info. I would suppose anyone with a little consideration for others (something you expect from someone who has been an elder for 25 years?), could do the same.

    Again; Nobody has to prove anything to anybody. If anyone who claims to have been an elder for 25 years wants to post this way, it is his good right.
    If I'm wrong, I apologize. We'll see

  • Naeblis

    I figure if someone would take that much time to fake his posts, the least we could do is play along. :)

  • apostate man
  • LittleToe

    I have to confess that there's pretty much nothing I hate more than people giving out other peoples personal details on a public forum.
    It is such bad form, even if you are suspicious of the individual.

  • avengers


    I have to confess that there's pretty much nothing I hate more than people giving out other peoples personal details on a public forum.

    Then maybe we should stop publishing letters sent by the Watchtower elders or any other "personal letters". But then that's not what you're referring to ofcourse, because then almost everyone on this forum would be guilty.
    So if anyone wants to talk etiquette look at your own.

    I personally have been approached by people who call me "my friend" or say they are my brother or desperately needed my help. Nobody knows if I'm their friend and I don't have any brothers except the ones I choose to be my brother. . Oh please my friend answer my e-mail. My friend my friend. My brother. Help me please.
    When someone approaches me calling me my friend or poses to be a brother I will publish it, no matter if you agree or not.

    Mabe you've read Larc's thread.

    So when someone strokes you with compliments more than is usual, beware. When someone asks for your help and is still a stranger to you, beware.

    I am hereby in no means suggesting that someone is or is not a sociopath, nor am I using this thread as to why I did this. (I read Larc's thread only a few minutes ago)

    So if I have offended anyone with my posts I hereby invite you to publicly say so and defend your position.

    If anybody wants to send me mail, that's fine, but now you know my point of view.


    PS there are e-mails which I would never publish, but those are the ones you'd like to see ofcourse.

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