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  • Farkel

    : Letter writing is just one of the many ways that we can do witnessing. I have known of sisters and brothers that went through the newspaper looking for obituaries (death announcements) and researched the family members then wrote them a brief letter included the brochure "When Someone You Love Dies".

    That's a nice twist: working their way to salvation by chasing ambulances. Only the lowest-of-the-lowest scuzz-bag lawyers do this. Except for dubs, that is.


  • greven

    In my congregation this was done too. But later on there was a special announcement: the Bro & Sis shouldn`t put FROM: [the adress of the society] on the letter. guess it DID backfire! many people felt it was insulting and preying on people when weak.

    "Fear is strange soil. Mainly it grows obedience like corn, which grows in rows and makes weeding easy. But sometimes it grows the potatoes of defiance, which flourish underground."
    -from "Small Gods" by Terry Pratchett-

  • D8TA


    Der Sufarer,

    We hoope Yu likez hour maggazeen. Wee ar Geehova Witnis.
    We no go two skool. We ar nawn prophet organ..err..organe..
    umm..sory, hoope use likez hour leters.

    Sester and Bruthir Rank-in-file


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