are you guys for real?

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  • Jokemyster

    I came to this forum to maybe get you to think and use your own brains.......but the funny thing is YOU are........I just wonder why you stay in name only when so many of you are not likeing it, and dont believe anymore or dont believe all of it, what keeps you going when you dislike it so much?.are you afraid of loseing family? face? what?........I walked away and believe me its not bad at all..I have friends that are true to me and peace within my heart. I dont sit in smug judgement anymore, I have little stress now..
    why do you stay???????
    It is a big world out here, come on and see it dont have to lose your belief in God, just drop your belief in MAN..

  • Frenchy

    Hello, Jokemyster

    I came to this forum to maybe get you to think and use your own brains

    That was very considerate of you.

    are you afraid of loseing family? face? what?........I walked away and believe me its not bad at all

    Yes, no, a few other things as well. I'm glad that you were able to just walk away and it not affect you. Speaking for myself only, I find that to be extrememly difficult. Perhaps it was the depth of my committment.

    I have little stress now..

    How very nice for you.

    why do you stay???????

    Because I have nowhere else to go right now.

    you dont have to lose your belief in God, just drop your belief in MAN..

    I believe that God believes in man. After all, according to Jesus, you cannot love God whom you have not seen if you don't love your brother whom you have seen. (chaper and verse available upon request0

  • Caliban

    Hi JokeMyster
    Don't forget that different people are at different stages of 'realisation' and that even when people have uncovered the truth (which can be extremely painful ) then it is still difficult and often not recommended to just 'leave' - especially when there are family members still in the congregation.

  • Seven

    Jokemyster-How are you? Glad we've made your mission so easy. Reasons why I stay:1.Family. One meeting per week is a small price to pay for the pleasure of my family's company. 2.Jehovah. I still love him with all my heart and mind. 3.I am no way ready to make such a move. 4.Reform. Reform
    is inevitable-no more shunning, transfusions okay-yeah, maybe when pigs fly but there's also hope. 5.Half-truth. I feel there is some truth to what we believe which is a lot more than most have.
    That about sums it up.6 There are 2 young sisters and 1 brother from my cong. graduating from high school in about 2hrs. All will attend college. I
    helped them with their essays, loan aps, and SAT's. They asked me to attend the ceremony. I think what I'm getting at is if I can help anyone
    break the cycle then it's worth my staying. You see I'm still capable of using my brain.

  • waiting

    As Simon once said, "this is a civil forum." Even as believers in Jehovah, we still cling to our freedom of thought - but we also have families and decades in this way of life.

    To throw it all away because we have doubts? Everyone has doubts or they're not thinking.

    To throw it away because we don't like it? Perhaps, but how many of us actually like our lives. I suspect you're young - living a long time you'll get a chance to not like a lot about your life - trust me on that one.

    To throw it all away because of making a point? Pride will only get you so far in this world. Trying to be true in your heart to yourself, your God, and your family will get you farther, and make you more content.

    Am I confused? You bet - and smart enough to know it. Someone, somewhere, said: "In a moral dilemma, only the intelligent are confused." And I consider it a great compliment to myself that I stay confused. But I am trying to actually think my way through this moral dilemma. I will not give away 30 years of my heart and members of my family unnecessarily. I'm taking the time to think.

    Back off and be civil.

  • Frenchy

    I'm proud of you girls!

  • Jokemyster

    I have learned some things here also....and I admire your honesty, yes (reform reform)..I might even go back if enough reform takes place, but alas I doubt it will in my life time........and no I am not all that young lol.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Good questions, Jokemyster. Having a relationship with God is important. Will I ever feel comfortable enough to seek that relationship outside the boundaries of a structured religion? Perhaps.

    There are many things that I find troublesome. There are many hypocrisys and "holes in the curtain", so to speak. Other religions have problems also. Perhaps the ultimate way for me will be a singular path without the confines of religion. Is it possible? I think that it is; however, I don't feel that this is a step that should be taken lightly. Much careful consideration needs to go into something like this.

  • Seven

    Redhorsewoman-In some ways I feel as if I am on a singular path "within" the boundaries of my religion. You know, that "on the outside looking in" feeling. Wasn't it James Taylor who sang: With
    a holy host of others all around me; still I'm on the darkside of the moon?


  • waiting

    We are really all in the same boat - just paddling differently. I believe we want the same things - to be true, to understand the position of the Society, and to understand our position.

    Those are hard questions - really hard. Why the hurry for answers? After all, this generation might last a little longer than we thought......

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