Witnesses at Target

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  • plmkrzy

    About two years ago they had a booth sat up inside the entrance of the Del Amo Mall in the South Bay.

    I walked in the mall and there they were. Big booth. All in suits. My first thought before I looked down at the tables surrounding the them was "What do these guys want?"

    Then I looked down at the mags and saw they were Watch Towers!! WOW!!
    I couldn't believe it!

    OH yah! They had there name tags on just like at the assemblies.

  • singsongboi

    at a local shopping centre in sydney with a large number of ex-PRC chinese australians, i have sometimes seen ethnic chns jws. with a table like stall, and a chns brother sitting behind trying to look official.

    but they have not been around for the past 2 or 3 years -- or, at least, i have not seen them.

    actually, the mormons are the most active in this shopping centre, all these mormon missionaries are apparently trained to speak chinese very well, and i guess it must be said that they are targeting the local chns much more professionally than the witnesses are.

  • Satanus


    I was so fanatical that when I went on hiking trips, I would hide "Truth" books in Yosemite camping areas, etc.

    Excellent! The pages work very well for starting campfires.


  • happy man
    happy man

    Well Randy you hade brothers who you could trust this time, didnt you have that now.
    Did you remember my qestion to you abauot where you stand in qestions on hell and war .As a JW we all now that you was follow bibel when it say dont bee like kain who killd hes brother,or even love your anymie.
    I read an artikel on a swed apostat site ,this artikel was gloryfying war and say that it is not wrong to go out killing your fellow man,
    They say you was the wrighter, they also say that you was beleving in hell as a warm place , and belevie that the lord do such things to man.
    You say to mee in an answer that you dont belvie in this crap,if i understand you.But when i tell my swedish freinds who say they now you and even met you ,they say that to them you say unother thing so what is the truth, for me it sounds that you go from evel to worse, if you undestand what i meen.

  • exodus

    This is very common in NYC. I know for a fact that around the Brooklyn Heights area and other surroundings I've seen the dubs with table full of Watchtower literature and I mean just like a news stand. I don't quite remember if this method was allow years ago but it does seem that it may be a desperate move to place as many literature as possible. Maybe this approach is a good way of putting more hours just by sitting and allowing the public see and served themselves with literature.

    My take on this is that very soon all dubs will may have to implement this new method of witnessing. Right now, door to door solicitation in many of private dweeling as well as city own in my area is been banned. They are not allowing any groups of people to enter a building without first describing their intent. If it is for soliciting they are not allow in.

    just my 2 cents

  • Kenneson

    I, too, was taken aback when I came across a Watchtower booth at the local flea market. I simply ignored it.

  • mrs rocky2
    mrs rocky2

    South Seattle Community College - there is a booth set up just for the Dubs, literature in many languages. The older ones in the congregations love sitting in the booth - no stairs, no rain. And yes, they mostly sit around. Haven't seen them at the shopping malls yet, although I think they are a fixture in downtown Seattle in front of the Bon Marche at Pine Street. Easy pioneer hours if you have comfortable shoes.

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