Suckered into the memorial after all

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  • Pierced Angel
    Pierced Angel


    Things happened with my mom (dad couldn't get back from his out of town job) and I ended up being guilted into going to the memorial with her after all. At least she agreed to take the kids home with her afterwards so my friend and I could still go out for a few drinks afterwards (which were much needed after that experience).
    I'm da'd so many there smiled when they saw me and it immediately froze on their faces as they tried to look the other way. One family that I had been very close to turned their back to me when I smiled and said hi. No big deal, I just felt sorry for them because I know they are good people who think they're doing the right thing.
    Guess where we had to sit? Yeah, the very front row, LOL. I had on a very short dress with black high heels that I crossed and uncrossed much to the speaker's discomfort, he he. I have to admit, I didn't dress at all like a dub should (naughty me). But, respectable elsewhere of course.
    Anyway, looks like I still haven't been able to totally break free from that icy grip that just keeps hanging on. Do I feel bad that I gave in to my mom? Not really. She's always been there for me and I know how she is feeling about this so I figured in my mind, it's one night and I showed some respect for her and her beliefs. Maybe it will rub off and she'll show me the same respect (hahahahaha). It was a good reminder of why I don't belong to that group anymore. I feel so free to realize that anyhow.

    For all who got guilted into going, Cheers!


  • Scully

    Hey Anne!

    I can JUST IMAGINE the speaker's face going pale while you were in the front row doing a Sharon Stone... heh heh you bad bad girl!!

    At least you distracted him from the wine and bread he wasn't allowed to have, to something else he wasn't allowed to have either!!

    Love, Scully

  • mouthy

    Scully---:O-I am shocked at you....( No I guess I,m not)

  • CornerStone

    Hello P.A.,

    Don't feel bad about going. You showed your mom a kindness. I'm sure she appreaciated it. I stopped going to the meetings 8 months ago but I went to the "anti-memorial" with my wife and she said she realy appreaciated me being there. Small sacrifice for me. I crushed some crackers with my thumb and wiped my hands over the top part of the wine glass.


  • peaceloveharmony

    hey angel, well, i went to the memorial too last night. i had my beers before hehe, my mom picked me up at a bar near the hall (closest place i could get to by bus.) i am da'd too and since i have attended memorials in the past i knew what to expect. the looks, the half smiles to which i looked right back in their eyes and smiled really big. i've always attended out of respect for my parents and same as you, i hope that they in turn will respect me and my beliefs. i think it's working but damn it's slow going! anyway, don't feel bad about attending. you know in your heart you don't believe and it's also a good show to the jws in your hall that you have not turned into a total wreck since you've left. we all know the stories they tell of people that have left.

    anyway, have a good weekend :)


    ps. i'm hoping to meet you in toronto in may, we can compare piercings hehe

  • Beans


    Did you sing the songs and read the scriptures? I don`t know how you did that, I would have been laughing out loud during the ceremony but thats just me. I would feel so wierd being there.


  • JBean

    I, too, attended last night. I had my proper amount of wine with dinner, to "chill me ever so slightly"! : ) It was the first time I've attended any meeting with my doubts coming along for the ride. I could barely sit through the hour... some things that the speaker was saying made me want to just scream. Anyhow... the closing prayer was tediously long, and basically I thought of many of you all here on the board when the thought "sales pitch" jumped into my head! ("blah, blah, blah... help us to make all 5 important meetings, dear God, blaaaahhhh, and to teach others in field service so we may attain everlasting life... blaaaahhh...") You get the drift. What helped me through it all was the knowledge that some of you here were going through the same thing in all parts of the nation/world, and that gave me an odd sense of comfort! Also... what Pierced Angel said... they REALLY believe they are doing the right thing. Oh well... at least my folks were happy. Have a great Easter for all who celebrate... and for those who don't: have a rockin' weekend! [:D} Jbean

  • peaceloveharmony

    jbean, i was having a hard time trying NOT to laugh during the sales pitch too! when the speaker was talking about nissan 14 i wanted to stand up and shout, but it's NISSAN 15 today! hahaha..oh boy, a lesson in control is what the memorial is for me!

    happy weekend all!


  • TR

    Hey pierced,

    Wouldn't it be hilarious if the speaker got wood looking at you? LOL! Even though the podium is in the way, you can tell. Color drains from the face as the 'unit' fills up. Then he would stutter a bit at the sudden rush of blood out of his brain. LOL! Did you notice him go silent or stutter?


  • drawcad_1

    This is the first year that my wife didn't sucker me into going. hurray!!! sometimes I get inot just to good of a guy mood.

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