JWs came to my house today

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  • Cadellin

    I think it's funny that the WT links them to reptiles, relying on the literality of the term dinosaur, which I think means "great/terrible lizard." Yet increasing evidence points to dinosaurs' closest living relatives as birds, at least for one main branch of the dinosaurs. Researchers in China keep finding rather amazingly well-preserved fossils of lovely feathered dinosaurs. So much for lumping them into one "kind" --as if snagging a pair of geckos for the ark would do the trick. A hen and rooster would be closer!

  • zeb

    There has been talk of preping for bug out. Now thats a change since 'dont do that as Jehovah will look after you'. Yes he will or he wont but suggest a few years ago an evening showing how to put bug out bags together and be howled down. My answer is 'you have car insurance do you?'

    and be judged further. But emergency contact forms they were done in Australia a long time ago. I think the wts is being infected with all this 'zombie' talk that is evident in 'entertainment' and the general state of things in the US at least how it is portrayed to the world.

    Love hugs warmth to you all.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    New guy claimed every single religion/culture had a flood story

    And all these other religions and cultures have other beliefs that the WT says are pagen, but let's go ahead and cherry pick this one for "proof"

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