The Bible Truths of the Watchtower Corporation were really a commercial fraud supporting the distribution of the organization's literature

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    Nice NeverKnew ... good info

    Since Russell had used Rutherford as a lawyer in establishing this and other of his business transactions.

    This most likely availed Rutherford to know exactly how much money was in the WTS. at the time and might have used Rutherford's legal services to

    establish his final Will. The Presidency of the WTS. was open for takers as well the organization's assets.

    No wonder Rutherford pushed people around and grabbed that convented spot.

    Money and power does abhorrently strange things to men as observed, the WTS and the men who grasped at this publishing organization

    is good example of this apparent human social behavior.

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    Farkel you old dog good to see you

  • frankiespeakin

    Russell may have been a real tightwad when it came to money, I'm sure his business sense was good,, just look at how he transfered all his assets to a non profit organization which he had absolute control over so his exwife had little she could legally get her hands on, and the taxman would have a hard time taxing him. It was a no brainer for a man of his business sense. After he died let them fight all they want over his business he had no children to leave anything to.

    And so his attorney one time door to door book salesman Rutherford seazed the prize he was after that would give him a comfortable living off the gulibility of others and his own mental delusions of power and greatness by an appointment of God to tell his off enemies and critics with the God's of his psyche's smile of approval.

    Not bad for a delusional opportunist to feather his own bed so to speak atleast in his mind it must have been.

  • Finkelstein

    frankiespeakin In reflection one could say that both Russell and Rutherford were morally bankrupt people,

    who were much more in love with power, money and themselves than their immediate family and social peers.

    Public notoriety is what that they really were indulged with, building an uplifted personal image of themselves to whom they really were.

    The Presidents of the Watchtower Corporation.

    Religious charlatanism is what really accomplished this feat.

  • Finkelstein

    When the first President of the WTS. W Conley left to support another Christian based organization he must have thought Russell's

    theological thoughts were too much for him to embrace and wanted to distance himself from him and his growing supporters.

    W Conley was probably a little more honest of a man, perhaps with a slice more intelligence that C Russell.

  • Fed-up

    Finkelstein: "They still do to this day. Just recently GB member Gerrit Lösch gave a talk stating that pursuing higher education is like putting

    a gun to your head, a purported act of Russian roulette. "

    My opinion: This is exactly like saying to a child "get down from there, you'll fall!" Maybe, maybe not. You may be telling them that for their protection, but all they hear is "you'll fall". If a JW parent can't trust thier training or the direction from the "slave" enough to send thier child to college (hahaha, many don't even trust thier training or the training of the "slave" to send thier kid to middle or high school! JW's in Home School, what a joke) how inadequate is the training. If you can't deal with real life as a JW something is missing.

    Mr. Losch, I'd suggest that not preparing for a future where your child will need to nourish, shelter and insure himself is like putting a gun to his head.

  • frankiespeakin

    Religious delusions of an appointment by god almighty himself is the common thread that binds both Russell&Rutherford and both hid thier cruelty under guise of righteous indignation of an almighty diety towards those opposser never once facing the delusion and alway finding scriptures to back up a feable claim of a prohesied appearence in the end times of a faithful and discreet slave person(Russell) or group(144,000 remnant) and recent new light adaptations of a smaller group of annointeds called the Governing Body. This common adapted/modifed delusion is the primary marketing structure for organizational growth, that doesn't stand up very well in this modern information age and has drawing power only for those that stay willfully ignorant.

    The currant plan of the Governing Body CEOs it seems is to play delusion card to the bitter end, tightening up thier power hold, and information control for all it is worth, with no hint of facing honestly thier delusional state and admitting thier presumptuous error, which would be highly embarasing and an admission of guilt. They seem to be irrisistably tied to the delusion as the mental pain drives them to more and more delusional thinking as the facts become more and more obvious each tick of the clock that there never was a divine appointment of a Governing Body to such a high office.

  • Finkelstein

    The currant plan of the Governing Body CEOs it seems is to play delusion card to the bitter end.

    I think this cant more obvious and clear to see in the video the GB put out a couple of years ago proclaiming that the even C T Russell

    was a true teacher of bible truths or a more recent article by the WTS. deliberately lying about what the WTS. actually taught prior to 1914.

    The WTS has previous instructed its followers to lie when necessary to support the organization and described it as an act of spiritual warfare.

    Now that the organization is being openly exposed to what this organization preached and taught as religious organization , exercising spiritual

    warfare has again become an up front necessity, even by the WTS. leaders themselves.

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