I will be celebrating the memorial at my home

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  • prologos

    yeah, but are you partaking? it has been done for decades, because the talk is so off-truth, it is not even wrong [Paul(i)]

    we thought that that QC was the center of North America

    dont burn the wafers.

  • nolongerconfused

    yea im drinking wine and eating pita bread

  • Lozza Aussie
    Lozza Aussie

    I am in Australia and I will be partaking the emblems at home for the first time this year. Just a pity I have to attend the sham at the KH beforehand. After reading the scriptures in the right context and understanding what they mean I certainly do qualify as a worthy partaker. I hope to strengthen my faith in Jehovah and Jesus as a result of partaking. Finding out the TATT my spirituality has taken a beating.

  • Fernando

    Like Lozhasleft said.


    South East Queensland, Australia

  • designs

    After leaving the JWs I met with a group that had split off from the Bible Students. We had our annual Memorial in one of the group member's home. Very nice evening that included a dinner, singing, prayers, Bible readings and partaking.

  • RayPublisher

    The Bible students know how to celebrate the Lord's Supper they are good people and highly independant, allowing memebrs to have differing views.


    Me too. I go down to the liquor store and buy some Kosher Wine, not because I think you have to have Kosher wine, but because it is really good!

    Last year was my first time. I got the wine, and then I baked my own unleavened bread. This year I will just use rice cakes or something. It doesn't do any good getting all worked up over particulars. What if I was in prison and had no wine or bread? Wouldn't Christ read my heart? I do not believe that he will be angry if I use rice cakes. I am in the Tri-State area of the mid-west.

  • Stealth

    What is the date of the event this year?

    A good merlot is a great choice of wine. Maybe a little cheese with the crackers.

    I am in center of US, as long as I don't have to attend a K.H.

  • Dark Fader
    Dark Fader

    While I don't miss the ceremony I do often think about it when there is a full moon in the March - April time of the year.

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