When did the WBT$ start to break up families?

by punkofnice 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Pickler

    Punkofnice, think they've always broken up families.

    in the old days (70's/80's) I think a lot of husbands left wives who became JW, and the wives lived on in poverty.

    my witness parent left my non witness parent very late in life due to spiritual endangerment. But I really believe that it was financially based. They had absolutely no relationship at all to speak of for year & years. They hated each other.

    But, when my dad retired they had to see a financial planner & for the first time my mother found out how much money my dad had put away for retirement :) long story short - within a few months spiritually endangered!!!! Left & divorced!!! Got 1/2 of everything & very happy.

    Ironically my dad had put this money away in case any of us left the JW and wanted to get an education. He saved for 30+ years and now 1/2 of it will end up in the JW bank accounts.

    I'm sure she's signed the donation forms already!!!

  • bigmac

    my family broke up in 1981. i had limited access to my kids for as few years--but by 1987 they had been totally poisoned against me----these being the very words of a jw friends wife who was prepared to risk talking to me.

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