EVENTUAL truth and the claim of being "corrected" by Jehovah

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  • Terry

    We've all heard the old saying:

    Any job worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

    But, this would not seem to apply in the only organization on earth claiming to be solely guided by Jehovah!

    Let's take a look at this.

    In the Watchtower Society, the Governing Body gathers in a board room and prays, discusses and votes.

    Presumably the prayer invokes holy spirit of Jehovah. Jesus promised "wherever two or more are gathered, there am I also."

    So, the Governing Body has the benefit of Jehovah, Jesus and holy spirit in getting the Truth correctly worked out BEFORE it is:

    1.Sent to the writing committee

    2.Written, proofread, approved

    3.Published, distributed

    4.Taken door to door

    5.Preached, explained, believed and defended.

    Oh--we left out a step!

    6. CHANGED!

    Yes, neither the Governing Body nor Jehovah, Jesus, holy spirit get it right the first time!!

    Amazing, isn't it?

    What are the possible rational and logical reasons for this error which needs correcting?

    Can publishing, teaching and defending doctrinal errors really be okay in "the only TRUE religion"?

    Sure it can--as long as those errors are.....eventually....corrected!!

    Pause and reflect on the unintended consequences of such a divine policy of "eventual purity"...

    1.Error is taught, believed and defended as TRUTH and used to refute false religion's own errors! ?!?

    2. Error used to refute error destroys the credibility of the organization getting it wrong and then claiming to finally get it right.

    3. God is not the author of confusion and yet what could be more confusing than being "in the Truth" and being wrong?

    4.Stumbling the "little ones" carries a heavy responsibility and what could be more stumbling than wrong Truth?

    Obviously, something is wrong with such an explanation for Jehovah's organization having a history of changed doctrines.



    Perhaps, JW's should accept the fact the best they can claim at any point is that they possess the "EVENTUAL TRUTH"?

    By viewing all other religions as "false" Jehovah's Witnesses are in a real pickle semantically.


    For centuries "False religion" taught the meaning of Romans 13:1 "Superior Authorities" were human fleshly rulers of nations.

    The "True relgion" of Jehovah's Witnesses refuted this teaching by claiming "Superior Authorities" were Jehovah God and Jesus Christ.

    A stand of NEUTRALITY by JW's led many to suffer persecution, imprisonment and even death all becaue of this "pure" doctrinal explanation.

    Only one problem! This "pure" interpretation had to be CHANGED!

    Changed? To what?

    To "false religion's" centuries long understanding! False relgion was RIGHT and true religion was WRONG!


    Jehovah (apparently) corrected them.


    How did this happen?

    1.Jehovah apparently allowed His only "true" religion to make a fool of Him and themselves

    2.Jehovah allowed faithful believers to teach wrong understanding as though it were true

    3.Jehovah decided it was time (eventually) to jump out and yell "Surprise--Christendom got it right and you are wrong"!

    4.The brothers and sisters who suffered persecution were, um, uh..."tested" and garnered publicity for the Watchtower Society.

    EVENTUAL TRUTH may look to the untrained eye a lot like human stupidity and hubris, fumbling ineptitude, confusion and disorganized thinking.

    But, no---

    it is Jehovah's way of guiding His people, alas.....

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Oh, I get it now! The only one that really brings reproach to Jehovah's name and sovereignty is Jehovah! He just allows his people to get it wrong until He adjusts them with new light again and again and again!

  • GoneAwol

    My Dad tried to explain new light to me. Last week he said " The org is going through a constant refinement process, this ensures the language we use is pure". So i tell him "what about the transplanting of organs being prohibited. Then allowed. Then not allowed. etc. etc. Is that a refinement or is it bollocks?" I then asked him "please explain the current blood teaching". Then he commented on the weather.....

  • hamsterbait

    Remember the Witchtower study last year that said that what the Churches of Christendom teach is "basically worthless?"

    Yet they quote constantly from dictionaries made by Rev. Dr. Vine and others.

    The Churches taught the meaning of the parable of the mustard seed, and the leaven as being the growth of the Christian Congregation from small beginnings.

    The WT said it was a prophecy of massive apostasy.

    Guess what? They changes it to the same meaning taught in the "basically worthless" books of Christendom, then say jehovah's Spirit guided them.

    Same thing happened with the parable of the dragnet...



  • OnTheWayOut

    The light is getting brighter. JW's have gone from 'totally in the dark' to 'totally in the light of the Governing Body.' OH, THAT'S REDUNDANT!

  • hamsterbait

    How can the light get "brighter" when they go back to an older teaching?

    Yet a WT said that the Borg cannot go back to a teaching that was "thoroughly discredited by the scriptures". ( they did that in the to ing and fro ingabout the "generation."HAHAHAHA)


  • redvip2000

    Whenever Jehovah Witnesses put forth this idiot "light getting brighter" concept, they are for all intents and purposes, blaming God for not providing information at the right time.

    We are then to believe that the creator of the entire universe, is not capable of simply providing accurate information at once, to us humans. Even our pathetic human leaders are able to provide instruction to the people in an efficient manner, while ensuring that all of us are aware of what the laws of the land are.

    And yet, millions of Jehovah Witnesses are ok with the idea that God is not able to do this. It seems he is only capable of providing small unclear bits and pieces of direction, while allowing His people to walk in darkness for years and years, only to provide a few more unclear bits and pieces of direction which are still not accurate enough.

    Surely, God in all his wisdom, would desire and ensure that his organization was 100 percent accurate all the time, as to make it dependable, credible and believable to all makind. I personally know that if i owned a news company, i would strive to ensure my organization was rigorously accurate and transparent as to gain credibility with the public.

    What we see though, is an organization which as zero accuracy and therefore also zero credibility. And we are to believe that God will punish us humans for not believing in it?

  • Terry

    Surely, God in all his wisdom, would desire and ensure that his organization was 100 percent accurate all the time, as to make it dependable, credible and believable to all makind.

    It is almost beyond obvious, isn't it? And yet, JW's persuade themselves that errors, flip-flops, "corrections" and "adjustments" reflect Jehovah rather than the stupidity of men who are just guessing!!

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