Do Witnesses really want to go to the meetings?

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  • skeeter1

    I dreaded the meeting. Went because of peer pressure. Didn't want to be confronted with, "I missed you?" And, that line was, "I'll feel better afterwards" kept me going. But, I didn't feel better becuase of the meeting, I felt good that it was OVER and I was FREE.

  • Phizzy

    JW's find the Meetings themselves a burden, a chore and bum-numbingly boring. But JW's have no social life outside of the religion and so at least they get to see and talk to a few people after the meetings.

    It was amazing to me to be on the Platform nd see the glazed expressions of most in the audience, and even some actually asleep !, and yet after the Meeting these same people became alive and animated chatterers.

    What must be hell, no HELL, is having to go if you don't like anyone there particularly, you actually then get no benefit from going, it is even worse if you don't want to see the people and you know TTATT, I feel for you poor folk in that position.

  • punkofnice

    I was born in. I hated the meetings but it was a routine.

    Now as I look back, my lasting memories of the meetings were that it was a loathesome place to be. Austere, depressing and totally the opposite to the church I went to when I still believed in god.

    The Kingdumb Hells are a vile place of torture and hate mongering.

  • jam

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  • jam

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