Do You Appreciate The Service Of Our Military?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My views have changed dramtically since I was a JW teen. I came of age during the Viet Nam protests. Looking back, I am very proud that I protested in so many ways but I deeply regret that our slogans were antimilitary.

    My background in law and const'l rights has greatly evolved. A military and miltiias are necessary for us to have any freedom. Law and order may be the premiere civil rights issues. Growing up in Newark, there was little law enforcement. The criminal element preyed on the poor. Later I moved to NY, where the police were much more responsive - except for minor vice offenses, such as marijuana. The police saved me from serious bodily harm or worse on many occasions.

    Madeleine L'Engle talked about freedom needing restraint when she described her son-in-law's trial coming home to Grace Cathedral during a major earthquake in San Francisco. The traffic lights were out. It took him hours to travel a short distance b/c of the lack of normal services.

    The WT reaps the benefit of huge scale government projects, such as the availability of hospitals and ers, traffic enforcement, sewer maintenace, building codes, the weather service, etc. Yet they disrespect the very people who provide these stories.

    Since I also grwe up right after WWII and during the Cold War, no one ever convinced me that we were very lucky to have Western democratic values. Without our Const'n, where would the Witnesses be? I am not saying they should be Founding Fathers. Nevertheless, the persecution in Eastern Europe was highlighted at KHs and conventions. My father received a ministerial exemption. He was not executed. Every night I saw the Berlin Wall going up and people doing almost crazy things to escape. I never saw any escapes to the Eastern side.

    This nonsense that I was not American bothered me. B/c there was a real sense that the world could end duriing those years. I would always choose FDR and Churchill over Hitler and Mussolini.

    The Witnesses are extremely dependent on the world. Lawyers are basically honed tools of the establishment. They use investment advisors and lawyers freely. Many other so-called Christians groups are less ddependent on the world. Let them forsake Social Security payments and Medicare. Disability insurance is very worldly.

    When I was younger, I was proud that the Witnesses were neutral. Ha! When I walked down to Ground Zero after they encouraged the public to cheer the recovery workers coming off shifts, I cannot articulate what I saw. The trauma transformed me. Yet they would claim there is no difference between Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and the U.S. military and NYPD. Half my local fire house died that day. It is no longer abstract to me. When did a brother ever die saving me?

  • tiki

    i have the highest respect for members of the us military. my husband is an ex-navy man, and some of his best days were those spent while enlisted active and later in reserves. the discipline, the respect and the education is the best. i hold those men and women in highest regard.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Yes I do. Even as a JDub I felt great "secret" respect for them.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    When there was a draft it was a cumpulsory army and heavily out represented by blacks. Since Vietnam it has been a voluntary obligation which is paid. There have been very few who have selflessly gone to serve thier country. The majority I know joined never expecting to fight. It was for a paid education. All the wars since WWII have been a sham and the servicemen haven't been fighting anything but the corporation's proxy wars. What is there to appreciate in the murder of all those Iraqis and Afghanis? Are they serving me or thier industrial military complex masters? They are not fighting for my freedom at this point and havent been for years. I appreciate what the men did in WWII and I applaud them. Men went to the enlistment cernters enmasse. Those men fought for my freedoms that I am sure of. Korea? Guatamala? Vietnam? Bay of Pigs? Granada? Haiti? Desert Storm? Iraq? Afghanistan? Give me a break. Those in the special forces could have handled Afghanistan in a month or less, didnt need all that "service" that Haliburton has been reaping for the last 10 years. Time has shown that the fastest way to get someone to kill someone in your country's name is for corporations to wave the flag and say your freedoms are threatened while holding their hands out for billions.

  • TD

    One of my biggest disappointments with American liberalism is the stereotype of military people, especially officers as being windbags of subnormal intelligence.

    That changed for me when I met the man who eventually became my father in law. He had wanted to be a pilot and had enlisted in the Air Force straight out of college. His aptitudes in mathematics and physics were way too high at the height of the Cold War and he was put into the missle program. He rose to the rank of Captain and was second in command at an installation in the Dakotas.

    I have never met a more intelligent, more feeling individual. Launch codes were not entrusted to just anybody. They weren't entrusted to sissies who were likely to crack under interrogation. They weren't entrusted to hotheads either. That legacy followed him to the end of his days and he even had to file a report when each of his children got married so background checks could be performed on people like me.

  • designs

    Very mixed feelings about our military. There are certainly extremely dangerous individuals, groups, corporations, and nations that are doing daily harm to humans around the world and here at home so we need all levels of law enforcement. Made up Wars for the profit of corporations. Made up Wars and conflicts by our CIA- Terrible and disgusting and we pay for it in the decades to come and we have hundreds of thousands of veterans suffering from the effects of those wars. Protecting those in need, yes.

  • smiddy

    designs I can see your point of veiw and commiserate with you to some extent when you look at it from only one nation/country , however that is not the real world we live in . I dont have to tell you their are other nations/countrys out their that do not subscribe to the ideals we do , and some of them have no respect for human life whatsoever , sacrificing their own young men and women and children to further their aims. Do we do nothing ?

    I can`t agree with that , we have a freedom that exists because of our military .Would you want to live under a pre-war Japan ? Read the book "The Rape of Nan King" Would you want to live under pre war Germany ? Stalinist Russia ? Do I need to go on ? If it wasn`t for our military we could very well be under one or the other of these regimes .


  • designs

    smiddy- Yes I agree with you on our Democracy having been defended through many wars and great sacrifice. My dad was a veteran of WWII. Groups and Nations that sacrifice children for their aims are the worse. Iran and Iraq sent children out to 'clear mine fields'. We live in a violent and ambitous world, we have not acheived General McArthur's goal of 'abhoring war as a means to settle our differences'.

  • LV101

    YES --- respect our military and thank them. Just couple evenings ago ran into one in the army/airborne unit and he told me they never hear appreciative, thankful, remarks (go figure!).

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