Orangeburg Assembly Hall - designed to be sold as a future supermarket?

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    I've just been watching a YouTube video that reveals the new Assembly Hall in Orangeburg, SC.

    Two things struck me when watching it...

    Firstly, EVERYTHING is attributed to Jehovah, right down to deciding the location where the hall is to be built. "We examined over 300 properties," said one interviewee, "we were reminded that Jehovah knew where the site was, we just had to keep looking and show him that we were persistent." Other workers interviewed throughout the video attribute everything to God, as though it is impossible to build anything without divine direction.

    Here is the video...

    The second thing I noticed was how much the finished Assembly Hall, from the outside at least, bears an uncanny resemblance to a supermarket. Could this be intentional? Was the whole thing built to be sold on to a retailer? Looking at those shots, you have to wonder. If it does end up being snapped up by Walmart in the next few years, you can be sure the proceeds will be swallowed up by the Society. All those volunteers who slaved over that construction "with Jehovah's help" won't see a cent.


  • zeb

    Then they will have lots of cash to pay out judgement claims made against them (Conti)

  • irondork

    Sister in video: "It is amazing how Jehovah, his Holy Spirit is directing this. This is such an amazing experience."

    It's a building, sweetie. It's not holy spirit. It's business. Happens all the time. Look around. All the other churches were built the same way. And the Walmarts, and the Jiffy Lubes, and the military installations.

    They started tapping the congregations for money back when I was still in, asking for ouright donoations and pledges for regular donations. They said they would not break ground until we coughed up 5 million and the rest could be paid back to the society later. No mention of who would ultimately hold the title.

  • Splash

    You have to hand it to them - for a bunch of mostly low educated people they know how to build a high quality building.

    Painting that backdrop - wow.


  • prologos

    it would be a bargain/ profitable to sell/buy, with all that free labor. but wal-mart/Loews,Target all have very special needs and trade-mark shapes.

    There was Cathedral building in France, Europe too, way more grandiose then the power, membership devotion of that religion there today.

    given Its LOCATION along the I-95 corridor, savy jw investors will have real estate interest sown up in the neighborhood.

    Underpasses hopefully have clearances allowing free passage of prayer - protected charter busses bringing in the pilgrims.

  • dontplaceliterature

    That music.

  • cofty

    What a waste of concrete

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I suppose a Real Estate investor would be interested in a multi-use property for later marketing

  • wannabefree

    What a great scam!

    Everybody is happified to donate their money, their labor, see the finished product, boast of the brotherhood ... and then pay again and again to rent it for assemblies and conventions, and donate yet again for the worldwide work while attending such venues ... win win!

    Keep dumping that money into Watch Tower coffers, no need to share rental fees with local schools or arenas ... not to mention stiffing the local economy for the tax dollars!

  • wasblind

    LOL thanks Cedars

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