The Internet has been a lifesaver for victims of Cults of all sorts .Is it then the beginning of the end for Cults ?

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  • smiddy

    Since the internet has been available to people all over the earth, their has been an explosion of information going out that is unprecedented in the history of the world .

    And one , just one of the beneficiaries of this knowedge are victims of Cults who can relate to people who have undergone similar experiences and can offer help and encouragement to other victims .And this is done on a global scale .With what we are witnessing on this site with newbies joining on an almost daily basis , I live in hope that the writing is indeed on the wall for cults of all sorts. Do you agree ?


  • ABibleStudent

    Only if people start pressuring politicians to change laws. Silence is consent! Too many people would rather complain instead of write to politicians or news media.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • speargrass55

    Can't speak for everyone but it has definitely helped me. Not to leave, but to stop feeling guilty and unworthy for leaving.

  • Satanus

    Getting the politicians involved would mean making laws limiting freedom of religion. Do you want that? A better way is just the way it's going, the spread of more info and more person to person communication, as well as group support.

    I was going to say that all the endless texting, twittering and facebooking that new generation is doing is a good thing, too. However, i wonder if that is a of a conformist thing. Any ideas on that?


  • clarity

    making laws limiting freedom of religion. Do you want that?


    I would like to see the churches & religious buildings....TAXED!


    As for the young people, I don't think using their cell phones,

    and assorted contraptions are necessarily conformity.


    This behavior seems to be a new way of life that will form the norm,

    the same way radio, telephone, & TV changed earlier communication.


    So far, the very public communication today, especially the internet,

    seems to be exposing information that was so cleverly hidden!


    Long may internet live!


  • smiddy

    Lets not go off topic here , I didnt say anything about getting politicians on board here . I`m strictly speaking about what the INTERNET has opened up to us , not only this site , but would include all others including FB , U-tube ,twitter , and whatever else you can think of that the internet has opened up to us .


  • jam

    An interesting article, 2010 "Laws failing against Cult

    brainwashing: Xenophon.

    Tougher laws are being urged to help protect people from

    manipulation and brainwashing by cults.

    South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon says, in Franch

    for example, the crime of mental manipulation is punishable

    by five years in jail or a $100.000 fine.

    The case in Australian (Adelaide doomsday cult Agape Ministries)

    is being investigated by police after weapons and thousands of

    rounds of high-powered ammunition were found at 13 properties.

    Of course this was a dangerous cult, but the Senator statement

    may have far reaching effects.

    He said "Current laws are little safe guard against brainwashing.

    The current laws that we have just don,t deal with issues of

    psychological manipulation effectively, effectively brainwashing, the

    way that people are deceived into handing over their money to

    these cults. We need to have laws that can deal with issues, that

    wouldn,t impact in any way on the freedom of religion".

  • gorgia


    When I stopped being a JW I never anticipated I would one day be able to communicate with fellow ex-jw's. I never anticipated that the GB would be exposed world-wide via the internet. Isn't it wonderful?


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    not for those trapped in cults that forbid or control internet use...


  • ambersun

    Since the internet has been available to people all over the earth, their has been an explosion of information going out that is unprecedented in the history of the world .

    This is exactly what I was discussing with none JW relatives the other day, Smiddy!

    These days we only have to google any topic to find a wealth of information that was not available back in the 1960s when my parents were studying. If only they had all this information at their fingertips back then. The research about Russell, Rutherford, not to mention the constantly changing doctrines and how 'old light' is swept under the carpet so to speak.

    I have been amazed by what I have read online over the last few years. I think our lives would have taken a very different course if my dad had the internet back then. He used to have an open mind and a thirst for knowledge and in the early days of study he wouldn't have been afraid to look at 'apostate' sites just because someone told him not to. In fact, I feel sure he would have questioned why they felt so threatened by them, because surely the truth could stand up to any scrutiny??!

    Also, with support sites such as this, it must be making life much easier for those who have seen the truth about the truth and are trying to fade. If only the internet had been around when we were struggling to leave back in the 1980s. We did not have contact with any other ex JWs and although we had the support of none JW relatives, there was nobody we could turn to for advice who really understood what we were going through.

    So yes Smiddy, I for one also feel the writing is on the wall for cults of all sorts.

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