Think this may help new members and lurkers in the back ground

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  • *lost*

    LIES - about the date of the fall of jerusalem.

    LIES - about when the cuniform was discoverd.

    Awake article states it was found in 1870's.

    Museum states it was found in 1920

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CHARLATANS deceiving the people.

    Lie is lie - no getting around it.

    thanks for bumping this. does anyone know what date this made public ?

  • Crazyguy

    The bible alone blows up thier 607 bce. crap, Jerimiah chapter 25 shows that the 70 years of desloation was for all the nations as they were to be dominated by Babylon. And exactly 70 years 609 bce. when the last hope of the Assyrians empire was dashed by their last major city Harin or Haran being destroyed until 537 bce. when Babylon was then conquered by the Persians. The Bible does not lie, people do.

  • AMO

    Thanks "lost".

    It gives me a little uplift knowing i have poss helped in some small way in showing the TTAT, I am an unbeliever and feel a little out of the water here, but was in a relationship for over a year with a witness girl, loved each other very much but unfortunatly in the end her consiance got the better of her and she ran to the elders. Unfortunatly i found this and a few other solid facts to late to help us, i hope it helps you & others.


  • AMO


    What really gets my back up is the writing department when writing this know the truth, and delibaratly mislead and lie to the readers. How can thay live with themselves is totally beyond me.


  • gorgia


    Thanks for sharing your research. You could be helping a lot of people. I'm sorry about what happened with your girlfriend. Keep researching!


  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thx for the BTT Amo!

    That video from WakeUpWitness makes it very simple and clear that the WTBS needs to misquote someone to prove their point.

    When you have "the truth," there is no need to change "the truth."

  • villagegirl

    Yeah but the real clincher is , next year is 2014.

    "Generation" 1914 based on bad math, bad religion,

    and a "slave" who is neither faithful nor discreet.

    And some of you still believe in the tired old doctrines?

    144 what ? Not literal ,figure it out, earthly, heavenly classes?

    Not in the Bible , figure it out, these bozos got it ALL wrong and

    that INCLUDES the "classes" doctrine. Yeah "special knowledge".

    How many ways can you say boring and stupid?

  • AMO

    Bumped this for Smarts benefit and others who might be interested.

    Not posted for a year or so but pop in from time to time.

    My thoughts are with you all.


  • Tenacious

    X for later. Big props to AMO.

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Marking for later.... Cheers!

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