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  • logical

    I laughed today, in the KH...

    The talk on humility! What a load of hypocritical nonsense!

    It went along the lines of how we should be humble, like Christ, how we shouldnt bear grudges, love our neighbours, forgiveness etc

    I hope they remember that if someone from the congregation is DF'd


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  • amicus

    Ok, I'll make a serious reply this time.
    Seven's point (if I got it right anyways) is pretty much the official WTBTS position. Some JW's aren't aware of it, but the official stand is that the only proper pride is pride in Jehovah (I'll spare everyone the quotes). This is true humility.
    I had spent the better part of a day researching this topic and the next morning an elder (a very prideful elder that is) conducting a meeting for field service concluded by saying "So let's go out there and be sure to take pride in what we are doing!" I interjected one last thought, "Yes, of course remembering that the truly humble Christian realizes that our pride is in Jehovah's strength that enables us to be able to do this difficult work, and not in our own abilities". He looked like I had hit him in the forehead with a Louiseville Slugger! I didn't mean to offend him, but.....

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