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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I love this announcement of new GB members in 1975. Notice their duties, responsibilities and priviledges. One day they would be THE Faithful and Discreet Slave. Who Knew?

    Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Enlarged

    The Brooklyn Bethel family were delighted to learn on November 28 that the following brothers had been made members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses. These will now serve along with those who are already serving in the Governing Body. The new members are as follows: W. Lloyd Barry, who at present is branch overseer in Japan; John C. Booth, who is working in the office at Watchtower Farm; Ewart C. Chitty of London, England, who is secretary-treasurer of the International Bible Students Association; Charles J. Fekel of Brooklyn, New York, who works in the composition department of the Brooklyn factory; Theodore Jaracz of the United States, who is serving as a circuit overseer; Karl F. Klein of the Brooklyn Bethel, who works in the office; Albert D. Schroeder, who has been serving as an instructor of the Kingdom Ministry School; and Daniel Sydlik, who works in the printing plant at Brooklyn Bethel. All these brothers will eventually be living in the Bethel home in Brooklyn and will attend the regular meetings of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses held on Wednesday mornings at eight o’clock. They will also take their turns at the head of the Bethel table in weekly rotation alphabetically according to last name.

    The Governing Body is now composed of eighteen members, all anointed, and the other ten are as follows: Frederick W. Franz, Raymond V. Franz, George D. Gangas, Leo K. Greenlees, John O. Groh, Milton G. Henschel, William K. Jackson, Nathan H. Knorr, Grant Suiter and Lyman A. Swingle.

    It is indeed their joy to be serving Jehovah’s witnesses world wide in their capacity as the Governing Body, and their deliberations on spiritual matters will continue to prove very beneficial to all of Jehovah’s witnesses who are enjoying the spiritual paradise in which those who love Jehovah find themselves today.

  • Quarterback

    I think he was the guy that stole that Marble rye loaf from that elderly Jewish sister in the Brooklin cafeteria.

  • blondie

    John Groh and his staff were known as the Watchtower Mafia or the Bethel Mafia. Some said that with "affection" others not.

    *** w75 3/15 p. 190 A Man of Single Purpose ***

    IN THE early morning hours of Thursday, January 23, 1975, John Otto Groh ended forty-one years of devoted service to Jehovah his God. To those of Jehovah’s witnesses who knew him, he will be remembered as a man of single purpose. He was born at Kulm, North Dakota, on July 3, 1906, and as a young man became a university-trained research metallurgist. Then, in April 1934, he was baptized and eight years later he and his wife Helen began devoting their full time to the publishing of the good news of God’s kingdom in the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They became members of the Brooklyn Bethel family in 1953, and Brother Groh in time became the chief purchaser for the Watchtower Society. He was a member of the world governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses. Many will also remember Brother Groh for the key part he played in supervising many large assemblies of Jehovah’s witnesses in New York and elsewhere. At the Memorial service held in the Brooklyn Bethel Kingdom Hall numerous business acquaintances were among those present to hear about the happy hope that this friendly man of single purpose pursued. As the speaker on that occasion said, Brother Groh had come off victorious by his faithful course. (1 Cor. 15:57) Of him, along with other anointed ones who complete their earthly assignment, it can be said: “For the things they did go right with them.”—Rev. 14:13.

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