When will my daddy be resurrected?

by nibbled 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dark Fader
    Dark Fader

    The simplest, most comforting answer is... he already has been resurrected and is with God in heaven.

    How many times I was tormented wondering if I'd ever see a dead loved one again. What a terrible feeling for a kid (or anyone else) to have!

  • nibbled

    Thanks. I've come to believe by reading the scriptures on my own that my daddy is six feet under as flower fertilizer.

    He'll be back after the thousand year reign, and in a perfect body.

    I could care less about his body, since he died when I was so young, I wouldn't recognize his old body from his new one anyway. So the fact that it lies decompsing just makes me think of compost, and not fear.

    Thanks for the kind post Dark Fader. Great name. Other thoughts? I'd love to hear.

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