GB as God's mouthpiece = ???

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  • tec

    Punk's thread got me thinking about some of the things the GB calls themselves:

    "God's mouthpiece"

    "God's channel of communication on earth"

    "God's spokeperson"

    He asks on that thread what would be a good rebuttal if one was asked if they believe the above regarding the GB. I was thinking that the best rebuttal would simply be the truth. Didn't know what the truthful response would be though, until I heard... this is a way for the GB to call themselves the Word of God.

    "God's mouthpiece" = "Word of God"

    "God's channel of communication" = "Word of God"

    "God's spokesperson" = "Word of God"

    Just another way they claim for themselves the place of Christ. I know there are many others, but I had not known this one before.

    Peace to you,


  • Ding
    "God's mouthpiece"
    "God's channel of communication on earth"
    "God's spokeperson"
    He asks on that thread what would be a good rebuttal if one was asked if they believe the above regarding the GB.

    "Failed expectations."

    Did the fact that the apostles asked questions of Jesus about when the end would come mean that they set dates and disfellowshipped anyone who expressed doubts about them?

  • Pterist


    But if they say something wrong in Jehovah's name, they blame Father !

    Can you imagine Christ Jesus blaming his Father, their oneness with God is as shallow as a babbling carnal child !

  • Finkelstein

    No different from any other Christian based faith/religion.

    Proclaiming they are being guided by god and chosen by him is part of the game they're playing.

    Want power and money ... start your own religion, if you have the money to publish your own books and magazines, then your well on your way.

    Lets not forget that claiming god has chosen their organization and theirs alone goes well in supporting the WTS. literature distribution.

    The JWS did start from religious charlatans $$$, whether one realizes it or not.

  • tec

    I hear you both, Ding and Pterist.

    I am no proponent of religion, Finkel... and money is a big part of the religion business (I was checking out a verse this morning and came across one by Paul when he warned about those who preached, and did so for money)... but I would not say that this is the same as every other Christian based faith/religion. Some though, for sure.

    But this is pretty blatant, imo. I was thinking about synonyms this morning, and all of the titles they give themselves is the same as saying they are the Word of God. They just don't out and out say that; they beat around it so people don't see what they are actually proclaiming themselves to be.



  • InterestedOne

    I've always thought "mouthpiece" was a strange word used among Christians. When I was a Christian, I would hear other Christians pray, "God, let us be your mouthpiece." I just googled it, and wikipedia shows it as part of a telephone handset as well as part of a brass or woodwind instrument. Thinking of a telephone, it still seems strange to picture God talking into a telephone mouthpiece, with the Christian or the Governing Body then transmitting the words through the telephone cord. It's all just so weird.

  • wasblind

    "God's mouthpiece" = "Word of God"

    "God's channel of communication" = "Word of God"

    "God's spokesperson" = "Word of God" _________tec



  • ohiocowboy

    Mouthpiece, no. The GB are more like a Codpiece.

  • soft+gentle

    to make your OP stick, tec, one would need to take human time out of the equation. In the spirit of punkofnice's thread I would try to bring temporality (human time) into a discussion with Jehovahs witnesses. To preseve Christ as the spokesman for God, or as the word of God and to prevent the patriarchal power humans assume when they they claim to speak to others from Christ or from God one would need to focus instead on experiencing Chirst/God rather than being a spokesperson for Christ/God to talk about achieving spiritual contact in human time. One can then gain power and influence in one's own life and in life in general without being autocratic and still be aware of eternal benefits.

    of course then one would be accused of implying that one is of the anointed. but i'd still say something about how time catches one off guard but I would keep it simple (then of course one would be accused of being mentally diseased). Being a risk taker I would not let any of this stop me though.

  • AGuest

    That, yes, dear tec (the greatest of love and peace to you!)... AND... they call themselves the "truth" - "How long have YOU been 'in the truth'?", etc.

    Yet, WE know that Christ, the Word of God... is the Truth:

    John 8:32, 36
    John 14:6
    John 17:17; Hebrews 13:12

    The are TRULY the "scribes and Pharisees" who "seat themselves in the seat of Moses." Moses was the mediator between God and Israel as to the Law Covenant. After him, only ONE could take that seat: Christ, the Word of God, who is the mediator between ALL of mankind, Israel AND the nations... as to the NEW Covenant.

    They are imposters on ALL levels, dear one, including what you have brought out here.

    May JAH and Christ allow all those who wish to hear when we share these truths with them. Lives depend on it.

    Again, thank you and peace to you!

    YSSFS of Christ,


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