"Im glad he/she died"....

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  • nowwhat?

    how many times have you heard this one? " that way they will be resurrected and not be destroyed at armegeddon"

    which brings me to another resurrection question. one time i posed this and boy did i get a funny look.

    a family man dies in an auto accident. 6 months later armegeddon comes, he wakes up in the ressurection. "wheres my wife and kids?"

    "they were destroyed in armegeddon because they were not witnesses" I don't think he would be rejoicing much!

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    My thinking was definitely corrupted by the Watchtower teachings. I had hoped that my loved ones would die before Armageddon because I knew they would never become Witnesses. Anyway, my wish came true. But, when I made sense of that sick, warped thinking, it helped to awaken me.

  • wasblind

    Hello Rip,

    You jus' reminded me to kick my own ass this mornin'

    and question, How in the world, did I let myself get dragged

    into a cult that refuse to celebrate the gift we are given right now

    All day long they talk of destruction, Who's gonna be destroyed

    who won't finish school. The end of the world, Pics of people bein' destroyed

    who in their right mind wish for loved ones to die ?

    Satan hide's under a disguise called the WTS , But his actions can't help but show through


  • rubadubdub

    Just last week I came across some letters that I wrote to my MIL and FIL back in 2006. I was fully indoctrinated at the time. My mindset and my cult speak sicken me now. I actually wrote that I wished my son had succeeded in his suicide attempt, because then he would "be safe in Jehovah's arms, instead of out in Satan's wicked world."

    During my last year still fully in (2010), I had a few conversations with an elder. I explained that I couldn't envision myself in paradise. (My immediate family were all out by then.) I explained that if I lived forever, and Jehovah removed all painful memories, I would have to forget that I was ever married or had ever been a mother. I would not be the same person, if I could not remember the experience of being a wife and mother. I also told him that I was exceedingly uncomfortable witnessing to a woman who was married with children, as it likely would cause her tremendous emotional pain. I knew that pain. The elder's response, while walking away was, "At least she would have Jehovah."

    For years I lived in two separate worlds, the one at the KH where the loss of my loved ones was deemed acceptable and my home life, where I loved my daughter who walked away from the organization, my DF'd son and my "mentally diseased, apostate" husband.

    I didn't know the term cognitive dissonance at the time, but I lived it.

  • jookbeard

    plus he cant have sex

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    I have a lot of guilt about this subject. I felt this way so often. I wished that my grandma would die so she would be resurrected. I even recall praying that she would die soon so that she would make it to the new system.

    This really shows the power that cults have. It also shows the screwed up idea that they have about God and who He is.

  • EmptyInside

    Yes,it totally warped my thinking. It takes waking up out of the stupor to realize how crazy it all sounds now. It's frustrating when family still-in are blinded by those same sentiments.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Was blind asked-"who in their right mind wish for loved ones to die ?"

    Exactly. Obviously, I wasn't in my right mind. And anyone under the influence of a cult or high control group is NOT in their right mind!!!

  • cobaltcupcake

    Add a big "ditto" for me. I used to hope that my beloved grandmother would die before Armageddon. How twisted is that?

  • wasblind

    Satan will make you think wrong is right, what better way to do it than through a facade "As an Angel of Light "

    He's a sly one

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